Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day Update

I've had several comments made to me in the past week from friends that they really miss my blog after a 4 month hiatus, here I am. :)

Not a whole lot has changed since my last post in December except that The Organic Bloom has continued to grow like crazy. We now have 11 full time employees and a couple part timers, so the good news is that I'm getting a bit more sleep these days than I did November-January. Don't get me wrong, we are still juggling a lot from day to day, but we're getting things figured out and running a bit smoother now. We just moved into a second 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse this past weekend and the added space has already been tremendously used! I convinced Jason to paint at least one of the rooms that we pack in and I've been adding my decorative touches little by little. My flea market/antique store finds are getting some good use now- all these goodies were rounded up from my home decor! That's my kind of decorating budget!

This is going to be a retroactive-picture-heavy post, but that's ok! I love photos!! Two weekends ago we delivered several really large frames to NW Arkansas where Jason is originally from. While we were over there, we met up with one of our clients from The Organic Bloom and she took our photos. So far, all I have are a few sneak peeks from Melissa at Preserved Photo, so that's all you get to see here! I am so excited to have some new photos and get some of our frames hung for ME to see on a daily basis! ha!

My next set of photos are a few from me and Rachel's recent trip to a giant photography trade show in Las Vegas. Let's just say she and I were ready to return to sweet little Tulsa, OK after our first afternoon there- that place is crazy! We met with as many clients as we could in 2.5 days time, super super fun! Meeting our customers, getting to put a face with the name, is hands down my absolute favorite part of this company!


[photo credit: Stephanie Bachle]
One of our photogs, Stephanie, insisted on taking a pic of my eyes...did you know Jason and I have the exact same colors eyes?

Dinner with one of our first big clients- Kenzi and gals, Jess & Amy

Breakfast with another client, Raven

My favorite display of the whole MGM hotel!

Floyd & Jessica from LemonDrop Stop Backdrops

Rach sorting through our "business cards"- 5x7 frames!!
We took an entire suitcase full of these babies!

We met with a few customers in the food court of the MGM and more customers kept coming! Everyone loved our business cards- hoping for a real booth at the show next year!

And a few more photos, cause I just have to brag just a little bit...we'll mostly, I think I'm still in shock, but we have amazing customers who send us magazine quality photos all the time and what else can I do but be proud Mama!?