Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A crazy little update!

Life has just been CRAZY around here for the last 6 weeks! The Organic Bloom hasn't just blossomed over night- it has EXPLODED!!!

In 6 weeks time, we have garnered over 10,000 Facebook fans!! Pretty much everyday I ask myself if this is all real!? So if you wonder what on earth has happened to me- well, I work about 18-20 hours a day now (as does Jason). I went from working about 3 days a month to managing 6-8 people full time any given day- and we are STILL slammed with business! That just blows my mind! Needless to say though, Jason and I are living our dream!

We also have hired our lovely friend, Rachel, full time! She was the first person we hired 4 weeks ago- when we met her this summer, Jason told me "If we ever have the chance to hire her, we will!" She's been our "face" person for the time being- answering the phone and over 100 email's a day! We are so proud of her! (This photo was taken on pretty much the only day off we've had in 6 weeks- at our friend's farm in Arkansas.)

Finnigan has taken his new role as office supervisor quite seriously- he figures that somebody needs to sleep around here!

I spend my day's supervising the painting and packing end of things- and I miss my Finn! Rachel and her doxie, Walter, take good care of him all day at home though!

Gotta get back to work- just wanted to pop in and say hi!

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Jessica Tankersley said...

So glad you updated, and so excited for all that is going on!!! GO SOOTERS!