Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's been right around 3 months since our miscarriage. I'm just now beginning to feel ready to the idea of being pregnant again. So many people handle miscarriage in so many different ways. I was never terribly devastated, "couldn't handle anything or go anywhere" etc. Don't get me wrong, I was definitely sad. bummed. frustrated. But never incapacitated.

My defense mechanism: loosing all interest. I went from reading all sorts of mommy blogs, parenting magazines, etc- just devouring it to none. I didn't want to know what kinds of food you try first with your baby, or what the best cloth diapers were anymore or anything. Slowly that interest is being peaked in me again.

Another part of my defense (distraction) has been birthing a baby of another kind.

First we got pregnant with the idea.
Then it started growing as we tried out making our first frames
Then it got a little bigger as a few of Brenda's clients ordered our frames
Then it got even bigger as I quit doing anything frame related at home
Then it hit the 9th month (figuratively) and we hired a painter
NOW we are in labor. Our Facebook fan page has grown from 200 some fans on Friday night to nearly 2,200 fans tonight- that's in FOUR measly little days, Folks!
It's a VERY hard labor, and forget hours, this one has been days and weeks on end.

Then a BABY

The nights have been late for quite some time.
Everyone is visiting to see the new baby company.
Even meals are a bit un-predictable around here.
We're learning so much every day.
It' can't be left alone, it's 24 hours-a-day care
We're both crazy exhausted.
But ecstatic beyond words!

I know I've been sparse around here, but what can I say- newborns are beautiful and VERY time consuming. Even the non-human kind are. :)


Ornery's Wife said...

yes, I saw over 2000 fans today. So excited for you guys.

Jason Sooter said...

Did Vanessa write that because that is a pretty creative post for my wife that passes on all writing tasks.. Ha Ha

Jessica Tankersley said...

that is awesome!!!

Ale Miller said...

Very exciting. Can't wait to see our frames ourselves. :)

rach said...

this gave me chills. i am so excited for you guys. truly. how awesome that you guys are doing what you love and having everyone else love it, too. not to mention that precious framed cuppie in the beginning. stole my heart from the get-go.

V. Renee Campbell said...

great post!! love the parallel ;)

Danielle said...

What a creative post. It's exciting to see how quickly Organic Bloom has taken off. Over 3,000 fans on fb!!!! How awesome is that?! We are thrilled for you and Jason! All I can say is, GOD IS GOOD!

The Alts said...

You have always been extremely talented...our very own Martha Stewart :) I have been completely amazed... although, not shocked at how quickly your business has grown. May God continue to bless you and Jason for all your hard work...and I am waiting for the day when the next birth brings about a beautiful little one in your arms :) You are an amazing person!