Thursday, September 16, 2010

so very loved

I've decided my blog needs some updating- specifically some updating on happy-non-losing-a-baby things. Contrary to my blog, life has been WONDERFUL these last 5-6 weeks!

Yesterday was a glorious "pre" birthday!

Brenda and I spent the whole morning painting the "walls" of our booth for several shows we will be participating in over the next 3 months. (The Organic Bloom and Brenda Horan Photography- we go very nicely together in a display!)

Upon arriving home I was greeted with these lovelies:
Flowers and a birthday card with the sweetest message:

"Lovely, Little Andrea-
Happy early birthday! We just want to let you know how very special you are to us. You are such a beautiful ray of sunshine, so full of life! Now get ready to feel like the pretty princess you are. Please be at Spa Southern Hills at 1:45 for a day of pampering. Your schedule is as follows:

1:45- Hydrotherapy Treatment
2:15- Full Body Massage
3:30- Mani/Pedi

Love you!
Rach, Rob & Jason"

(Big shout out to Rach for putting it all together and "helping" my husband out in the birthday department!! The massage was absolutely incredible! )

THEN, Brenda had a little dinner party planned for the evening- with my mom, grandma, sister and several of my closest girlfriends. (Thanks for the balloons too, B!)
I feel so very loved.


Jessica Tankersley said...

You look so cute! Err, I mean beautiful! :) Happy Birthday!

Mountain Mama said...

LO-OVE the boots! So very cute.

Happy Birthday!

Ornery's Wife said...

what a cute photo! Sounds like you had an awesome celebration. Sorry I missed sending you a message--so happy belated birthday!