Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meeee!

First some newsy stuff...

The Organic Bloom is taking off like CRAZY!! I have been slightly overwhelmed, but I think the excitement is overpowering it!

We are tentatively planning to attend the Creative Estates Blog Conference in Chandler, AZ in April. I've been following Shey B (aka the camera strap lady) via her blog for a while. She posts lots of helpful info and tips she's picked up in taking her small creative endeavor to a well known online company. After attending the BlogHer Conference in NYC in August, she realized there was a need for a blog conference relating to handmade businesses vs. just mommy blogging. There's definitely lots to still consider about going... but there will be professional photographers there (target market!?), it's in a suburb near where our friends the Spriks now live, and I'm sure there's plenty we can learn at the conference in taking our online business places! They will also be offering a handmade market (booths) for a very reasonable price. I really hope it all works out, we love road trips!!

So. Yesterday my computer died. At least I think it did. Sigh. We really don't have time to deal with it, but I'm sure Jason will be able to revive it. He always does. Eventually it will have to finally die though, it's SEVEN years old. Yes, like prehistoric in computer years.

On to the meat of this post. ha! My birthday was two weeks ago (remember wonderful spa day?!). After my afternoon of pampering my pal, Brenda, threw me a mini little party at D'novo. Here's a few pics from that evening:

Brenda, Mom, Vanessa, me, Elise & Grandma

Laurie, Mom, Vanessa, me, Elise & Grandma

My mom knows me too well...I like a good "wrapped" present! (gift bags are so boring to open!)

Apparently everyone got the same memo about what colors to wear!

Brenda got me a gift certificate for my very own camera strap cover!

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