Saturday, September 18, 2010


One of the latest things I've been up to is assisting Brenda in her photo studio. Little by little she's teaching me what she does/knows. It's wonderful!!

Here's a sneak peak at some of the things I do with her at a newborn photo session:
Here I am holding up the white blanket, the baby is on a bean bag.

She made an instruction guide for a photographer in England last week- all on newborns, so she did some "pull back" shots to show how it all comes together.

We cover the baby up between poses so they don't get cold and wake up . Plus there's usually lots of patting on the back to keep the babe settled from all the re-positioning we do.

Here's a few of the final outcomes...I sure couldn't tell you if these are the same baby or not...when we do 2-4 newborns a week the sessions all sorta run together in my head.

This is one of my all time favorite headbands she has!

This hat is new- we call it the peppermint stick hat!

If I remember right- this baby girl was an absolute angel! She slept so soundly we got all sorts of shots with her- lots of hats and headbands!! This is one of the headbands I made recently.

Another thing Brenda does is post her photos on Facebook in one of our Organic Bloom frames! It's been GREAT advertising for us since she posts to several big photography fan pages like Florabella and GracyLu Originals on a daily basis!

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