Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wedding Bells for KB!

A snapshot from my college roommate's recent wedding reception-

Kara (I call her KB)- has been teaching English at a college in China the last 2 years. There she met Peter, who was there teaching Korean. It was so cool to finally meet him- I've been following her blog (ok, she has two) since I discovered what blogs are!

Kara & Peter got married in her backyard with their two families present- I got this pic from her America's just so darn cute. So Kara.
I told her at her reception- I've always known she wouldn't marry an American!
She responded that she knew the same :)


And here's a couple oldies for the fun of it!
(I've known Kara her whole life!)

Kara's mom, Erin (left), is holding me as an infant, winter '84. I'm 14 months older than Kara, so she's probably not even in existence yet here! (My mom is on the right)

I'm in the pink star ensemble and Kara is the girl with the long hair in the back
Most likely Christmas '89 or '90

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Kara said...

Thanks for coming to our reception, Andrea. It was so great to see you :)