Friday, August 13, 2010

SUNday at Grand

I got to see some of my cousins from Texas again this last weekend! They came up to spend the weekend with my parents at Grand Lake, so Vanessa and I snuck away to spend Sunday with them.

Charlee came and 'helped' me out of bed kinda early that morning, so then she showed me how to make a 'mocha' coffee. Mostly milk, chocolate, and whipped cream! Not much coffee!

At least half of our mochas were filled with whipped cream!

Charlee caught four fish that morning with my dad!

Cousin Kennah, with Vanessa and me.

This was on Saturday- Stephen and Charlee tubing

My mom helped Charlee fry up the fish she caught- we each got about 1/2 a bite! Charlee was just thrilled we were eating her fish, even if they were small!

(thanks to Kennah for sharing her pics with us!)

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