Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SUNday at Grand, part II

Jason and I joined our pals Robert and Rachel at Grand Lake this past weekend.

Saturday evening we cruised over to Driping Springs and jumped off the cliff there- I didn't take my camera, so this is just a photo I found online
Rob gave us all jumping instructions, "Jump straight and stiff- arms to the side and toes down. No flailing." I got those instructions right...but here's what pretty much happened to me

My whole back side is quite tender and I have a ginormous blue bruise on the back of one of my legs. I've gone cliff jumping a couple times over the last 5 years and never had that happen! My little body acted like a feather on the way down- ouch!

Then we also went sailing one afternoon- Rachel, Jason and I became part of the dam touchers club.

(Pensacola Dam at Grand Lake)
I wish I had a pic of us four in the sailboat- but my camera battery died right after I took this pic...me and the camera just couldn't quite make it together on this trip.

I came across this awesome quote for our weekend since we did both:
There are two ways to travel on the water. A motor boat gets you from point A to point B in the most expedient fashion, with the objective of the ride being just the destination. A sail boat on the other hand, may have point B as a secondary goal, but its primary purpose is the pleasure of the journey. It may zigzag through the water at an indeterminate rate of speed, and may or may not get to the other side in a timely fashion, but the sailor has the pleasure of the experience.

And a pleasurable experience we had! Thanks Rob & Rach!


Ornery's Wife said...

Thanks for the link love. :)

I am having troubles with my camera and me as well. I take it, forget to use it, wish I had remembered. Oh, well.

Looks like you had a very fun day!

rach said...

dam toucher club :) love it. it was a great weekend. i'm glad that we met through such a great person. and that we all get to spend time together.

Jessica Tankersley said...

Please tell me you made that little cartoon?! HAHA - I jumped off a very tall cliff once, wailed to the extreme, and then proceeded to receive an enema upon hitting the water. Uh-OUCH.

rach said...

it most definitely a painful jump! not too sure i'd do it again :)