Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reason # 926 I love Whole Foods

So I'm grocery shopping at my fav and a lady comes on the speaker:

"Attention shoppers, Whole Foods is now offering a class on juicing starting right now in the room west of the cafe"

So I parked my cart at customer service and went next door. Great little class, I learned a few new things. The best part is that the lady who taught it is a midwife and offers more classes about prenatal nutrition, etc. Eeek! That's really exciting to me!

In other news, it's my Grandma Ross' & Laurie's Birthday today!! Happy Birthday, ladies!


Ornery's Wife said...

I <3 Whole Foods. I was whining when I was there yesterday about having to drive SO FAR (I know, there are people who have it far worse...) and that I wished there was a WF on the south end of town. They said there are plans, but it will be 2013 before they build. I have hope, though. Meanwhile, if we could get a Trader Joe's to come to town...

Mountain Mama said...

I am a fan of Whole Foods!!

Yay for WF!

Jessica Tankersley said...

We don't have WF equivalent in Norman, so sad. But, we do have some nice little whole food-esque shops. So it's all good. Although, they never have juicing classes! :P

Rene said...

I'm at Whole Foods usually 2-3 times a week! Love it
It's been crazy at school the last couple of weeks and I'm so tired in the evening I can hardly think let along put a sentence together :) I enjoyed chatting with you over fish tacos. I've got your blog bookmarked now.
The book I thought Jason might enjoy is "The Last American Man" by Elizabeth Gilbert.