Monday, August 9, 2010

Eat my words... maybe we do live on a farm. Scratch that last post about the nice neighborhood...the very next day after that blog published we found a POSSUM in our house!

I was already asleep (at 12:30am) when Jason ran in our room, flipped on the lights and hollered at me, "Andrea come QUICK! There's a possum in our bathroom!!"

I was less than amused at him waking me up over a possum, but I obliged and got my camera to watch him corral this thing into a box. I had visions of a big nasty possum- wondering how it got in our house- but it turned out just to be a baby. We concluded it must have come through the plumbing access in the hot water closet. Finnigan has gone under the house that way before, but all we did to solve that problem was nail the door shut. Finn is too big to go under the gap beneath the door to that closet...he is however constantly interested in what is going on in that closet, now I know for good reason!

I got a great laugh out of my giant husband perched on the edge of the tub trying to poke the possum into a box! Jason was a bit concerned as he didn't know what possums can do- can they jump? do they have rabies? So he stayed a safe distance back! (The bowl was our first thought at trying to capture the creature, we ended up with a broom and a box.)

Apparently they must be able to jump- the little guy was no longer in the box on our front porch in the morning. (Jason was going to show the neighbor kids if it was still there.)


NeeCee said...

Awww, its so cute...but then again, it wasn't in MY house. lol

Jessica Tankersley said...

Too bad it ran away, you could have given it a proper pedicure!! See the how-to video here:

rach said...

seriously, andrea! it's precious! :) and i'm so glad you got the photos of jason. priceless!

Ornery's Wife said...

it begs the question: "what in your bathroom would draw him in? was it the cool air?" He is very cute, but as NeeCee said, it wasn't in MY house! Thanks for the pix. :)