Saturday, July 10, 2010


According to [Mountain Mama] Ashley's definition, I am also a slogger (a slacking blogger) BUT she just announced her latest pregnancy maybe we have the same problem (being tired all the time?)

In other news this week I need to post this SUPER AMAZING AWESOME project that my and my photog friend, Brenda Horan, and I are working on: pregnancySTORY!!

Every week she takes my picture and I write a letter to our little blessing :) I'll try to do a better job here on out of posting them each week!

(click on picture to enlarge so you can read the letter)

As of today I'm about 10 1/2 weeks along. I've been feeling great for the past 2 weeks, really only tired...I will take tired over nausea any day though! My "What to Expect" app on my iPhone says the baby is the size of a lime this week- which I am beginning to notice by the fit of my clothes! The skirt I picked out for church tonight usually hangs on my hips, it was definitely snug today! Jason has been doing a really great job of taking care of me- insisting on lots of naps, walks and healthy eating. :)


Anonymous said...

Help, Andrea!! I can only get the 1st and last pictures to increase in size for me to read them and I am just dying to know what weeks 7-9 have to say!
Please fix if it needs fixing or let me know just what I might be doing wrong.

~Amy said...

I'm having the same problem!

I think this is such a wonderful idea!! Wish I had thought of it when carrying my they are almost grown at 17, 14 & 10.

Mountain Mama said...

Big bummer that we can't read weeks 7-9. I just might get out a magnifying glass. It's killin' me!!

Cute idea. Cute pics. Cute letters. Cute mama!