Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nursery Ideas

Here's where I started: an article in Veranda magazine- I LOVED the blue and whites with dark woods. So I emailed it to my mom. She ever so sweetly reminded me (burst my bubble?) that as a staged room, they have lots of "natural" light and tall ceilings...not really the same scenario that I have! But that if this is what I really like, we should use it as a spring board. :)

Then I saw this rug at Target: OooOooh, Ahhhh :)

THEN, yesterday I came across this swatch at an estate sale. I REALLY like this color scheme! And the prints- since we aren't going to find out the sex of the baby, I like that the green adds a boy element and the red flowers add some feminine flair! Now- anyone know where I can get some fabric like this? No telling how old the quilt block is!


At the same estate sale, I picked up a few old vintage magazines- I can't wait to have Jason make me some custom frames for them!
I chose this one cause we want to live in the country one day.

I chose this one cause it's construction related- it adds a bit of Jason to the mix.

The I liked this one for the flowers and the little "nuclear" family :)

I also like the texture that this vintage crochet offers.


This is the gorgeous four poster crib my sister discovered on Craigslist!
I haven't decided if I will distress it or leave it off white.

Now just to put it all together-
thankfully when the time comes, my mom is sure talented in that arena!

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