Friday, July 30, 2010

Michael & Megan's Summer Wedding

My cousin, Michael, married his beautiful bride, Megan, this past weekend.

Me, mom, Vanessa and cousin David's fiancé, Camille, helped served the rehearsal dinner.
Me, Camille & Vanessa
Our aprons each describe us so well!
Feminine- Texas lover- "Eat at your own risk!"

Mom & Nessa

We stayed at Stephen, Kennah & Charlee's house
Here, Charlee is showing me the fly she caught!

Charlee working on her photography skills- Stephen & Aspen

It was supposed to be an outdoor wedding, but it rained quite a bit during the day, so the ceremony was moved inside. The pictures afterwards were able to be outside though. Vanessa and I helped our other cousin, Kennah, with the group photos. Vanessa works for a photography company and knows how daunting the group pics can be- 50 people milling around and not one of them listening! Between the 3 of us, we got them knocked out pretty quick and everyone off to the reception!

The new Mr. & Mrs.

Me and my Mr.

Mama and her pretty gals

the three amigos
I didn't tell Jason that Collin wasn't going on this trip until the morning we left! HeHe! He was less than thrilled about a trip with 2 females, but he ended up enjoying himself!

I laughed and laughed when this picture download on the computer screen today- me and Nessa's faces say it all- that lady came barreling through and about knocked Vanessa out right as mom was taking the picture!

There, that's better!
Kennah, me & Vanessa

Jason takes credit for getting the ring bearer to ask Charlee to dance!

Dollar dance- Vanessa dancing with the groom

Katelyn paid her dollar to dance with the groom too!

Vanessa, Megan & me

Camille, Nessa, me & Aunt Teresa

My cousins Sarah, Robert & their new Katy girl

Last one of the night.

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Ornery's Wife said...

What beautiful pictures. Jason was quite fortunate to have two such lovely traveling companions. I have no doubt he had fun. :)