Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jumpin back in!

[I started this post on Wednesday night...only for my computer to crash midway through...and I just have't been back in the mood to finish it...again. ]

Ok- I've got to jump back into the blog thing! I've just not been in the mood and that makes me sad cause I like my blog. :)

So here goes!
[warning: I have a feeling this post is going to be very random!]

Shout out to our latest business venture: The Organic Bloom! We've actually sold FOUR frames now!! We are both so excited to see what's in store! Here's a sampling of our custom picture frames- know a photographer? Send them our link!
Note: as of today (Saturday) we've now sold NINETEEN!! Yipee!!!!! (ok, so it helps that one photographer in New Jersey ordered 12 to do a display in a children's boutique! Eeeek!)

Monday night dinner: a fabulous first for me-minus that fact that one of my eaters didn't like mushrooms- but those could be left out next time. Creamy Spinach-Mushroom Skillet Enchiladas! (pictures forthcoming when the host of the evening sends them to me :) I also added ground beef and a can of black beans. 3 guys+pregnant me= recipe needed a protein boost!

The same evening I met Tulsa's own Bakerella-Rachel of Alter [Egos] Couture Cupcakes- delightfully adorable! See:

Speaking of adorable: (Joyfolie)...added bonus, her blog's playlist is sweet!

Latest garage sale score! (definitely been on my want list for our kids!)

And speaking of kids- once I get my 11 week photo back from Brenda, I'll repost all the photos with the letter's below them so you all can read them. Apparently I made several people very sad that they didn't know what weeks 7-9 said! oops!

I went to An Affair of the Heart yesterday with my mom at the fairgrounds. Worlds largest craft show/womanfest ever. I think next year we will shoot to have a booth for The Organic Bloom!!

I can make Jason forget all his worries and stresses for one sweet hour just by making him tacos. He was so happy I made them Thursday night. :)

I've finished 2 baby books since I started looking for the books on my reading list- one per week! I'm thrilled! It's been forever since I've actually finished a book!

We can't make up our minds if we should get another cat or not. So far the perfect little sister for Finnigan hasn't surfaced yet. I have my heart set on a brown tabby kitten. Just like this:
I adore Finnigan's stripey little legs and want another one just like him!

Whew. I'm out of steam. Hopefully I'll get some more soon- lots is happening these days and I want to remember it all!


Ornery's Wife said...

I love random posts. Congrats on your frame sales! Wow, you guys must be flying high after that order! Love the little shoes. I can just picture them on your feet!

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