Saturday, July 31, 2010

Girls Getaway

I hope to have one of these one day- ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!

And certainly- no boys allowed!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Michael & Megan's Summer Wedding

My cousin, Michael, married his beautiful bride, Megan, this past weekend.

Me, mom, Vanessa and cousin David's fiancé, Camille, helped served the rehearsal dinner.
Me, Camille & Vanessa
Our aprons each describe us so well!
Feminine- Texas lover- "Eat at your own risk!"

Mom & Nessa

We stayed at Stephen, Kennah & Charlee's house
Here, Charlee is showing me the fly she caught!

Charlee working on her photography skills- Stephen & Aspen

It was supposed to be an outdoor wedding, but it rained quite a bit during the day, so the ceremony was moved inside. The pictures afterwards were able to be outside though. Vanessa and I helped our other cousin, Kennah, with the group photos. Vanessa works for a photography company and knows how daunting the group pics can be- 50 people milling around and not one of them listening! Between the 3 of us, we got them knocked out pretty quick and everyone off to the reception!

The new Mr. & Mrs.

Me and my Mr.

Mama and her pretty gals

the three amigos
I didn't tell Jason that Collin wasn't going on this trip until the morning we left! HeHe! He was less than thrilled about a trip with 2 females, but he ended up enjoying himself!

I laughed and laughed when this picture download on the computer screen today- me and Nessa's faces say it all- that lady came barreling through and about knocked Vanessa out right as mom was taking the picture!

There, that's better!
Kennah, me & Vanessa

Jason takes credit for getting the ring bearer to ask Charlee to dance!

Dollar dance- Vanessa dancing with the groom

Katelyn paid her dollar to dance with the groom too!

Vanessa, Megan & me

Camille, Nessa, me & Aunt Teresa

My cousins Sarah, Robert & their new Katy girl

Last one of the night.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Final Letter

I'm not going to post the 12 week letter as it addresses the day the miscarriage began last week.

It slowly progressed into the weekend- we still took our trip to my cousins wedding- both knowing what was happening (with midwife's approval too). I have done my best to convey to all my cousins what a fantastic job they did at unknowingly distracting me from much sorrow and pain. I'm not sure when the last time was that I laughed as much as I did this past weekend!

This week has moved forward with more physical and emotional pain. Today we met with our midwife and she confirmed that there was no heartbeat but determined that I am in fact on the mend and healing quite well. I've had good days and bad days this week, but over all am finding much peace in knowing that my body did what God designed it to do when a pregnancy is not going right. We will try again at this baby thing. :)

I wanted to do one final picture & letter this week- at the sunset- as this chapter of our lives ends. Brenda, you've been an awesome friend to do this project for us and be there for me this last week!

Dear Baby,

Precious little one, you went to heaven this week without us. My heart is broken that my womb is now empty, but I know you are resting in the arms of Jesus. That's exactly where I've had to come to rest too. We were already so attached to you in these few short weeks. It's amazing how hard it is to let go of you- someone we've never seen or met. You will always be mommy & daddy's first baby.

All My Love, Mama

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weeks 6-11

Let's try this again! My apologies to all who so badly wanted to read all the letters and couldn't squint that small! ;)

Dear Baby,
It's only been 5 days since we found out about your arrival, but I've already found myself treating each hour of every day differently.
I wonder with each bite I eat if that will be a food you will like.
I drive more cautiously, praying for extra safety now knowing you're inside of me.
While doing countless loads of camp laundry, I found myself wondering how I will lean over to get laundry out of the washing machine once my belly gets big!?
Daddy and I have been taking long evening walks to make sure you and I stay fit and healthy.
I already wonder what you will do with your "grownup" life- will you honor the Lord, will you work with your hands, will you be a creative type?
I've made more time to sleep & nap- exhaustion reminds me that my body is creating a new LIFE. Incredible.
All my love, Mama

Dear Baby,
I'm noticing more changes in my sleep habits this week. I can barely keep my eyes open at night and am then usually wide awake between 5-6am! I tried so hard to sleep in on Saturday morning- only to get right up at 7 and go work in my flower garden for 2 hours! This week we told your Sooter grandparents the baby news- I hear Grandma Diane hasn't quit talking about you all week long! Then yesterday at lunch I surprised your "Aunt" Elise with a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce and a card from you- she screamed in the middle of the cafe where we were eating! You are already cherished by our family and friends!
All my love, Mama

Dear Baby,
What to say other than this week has been marked by a constant dull sense of nausea- oh so quick to remind me that you're there! Daddy and I have been duking it out over my beloved "Reed's Ginger Ale"! We finally came to the agreement that he may have 2 per week, the rest are mine! We also celebrated his first Father's Day- I bought you a onesie that says, "My daddy can fix anything" and I made him pancakes in the shape of "D-A-D". Aunt Vanessa found the coolest vintage four-poster crib on Craigslist for you, Mom and I picked it up yesterday! Little by little we are starting to prepare for your arrival!
All my love, Mama

Dear Baby,
I'm starting to notice a teeny little bump in my belly this week! We told my Granny Lyons this week and also made our exciting news public. It's been a lot of fun to hear from everyone on Facebook! I've felt so much better this week since I started eating a few mint leaves everyday- what a welcome relief from the nausea it's been! The current task at hand: start on our midwife's recommended reading list. We are headed on your first car trip tomorrow, and now I've got plenty of reading for the drive.

All My Love, Mama

Dear Baby,
We just returned from your first road trip to Texas! Besides a few naps here and there you did a fantastic job of keeping it cool, all the women in my family were jealous of how great I've been feeling! :) I learned how to can pickled beets with my Granny & Aunt Chris and then helped paint & decorate my cousins Stephen & Kennah's new house. Meanwhile, daddy scaled the highest point in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak, with your Grandpa Bob and Uncle Kevin. Tulsa has been in a rainy spell since we returned, which makes for some long and pleasant afternoon naps!
All My Love, Mama

Dear Baby,
Daddy's been working like crazy this week- people keep calling him to do remodeling plus he's working so hard in launching our newest business, The Organic Bloom. We tossed around more baby names with our friends, it was fun to hear some fresh ideas. We don't have a boy name ready yet, but we've got time! We have a bumper crop of jalapeños in our garden, so I've been adding them to various dishes. I hope you'll like spicy food like me! My "What to Expect" iPhone app says you're getting eyebrows this week! It's so much fun to think about your tiny details!
All My Love, Mama

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nursery Ideas

Here's where I started: an article in Veranda magazine- I LOVED the blue and whites with dark woods. So I emailed it to my mom. She ever so sweetly reminded me (burst my bubble?) that as a staged room, they have lots of "natural" light and tall ceilings...not really the same scenario that I have! But that if this is what I really like, we should use it as a spring board. :)

Then I saw this rug at Target: OooOooh, Ahhhh :)

THEN, yesterday I came across this swatch at an estate sale. I REALLY like this color scheme! And the prints- since we aren't going to find out the sex of the baby, I like that the green adds a boy element and the red flowers add some feminine flair! Now- anyone know where I can get some fabric like this? No telling how old the quilt block is!


At the same estate sale, I picked up a few old vintage magazines- I can't wait to have Jason make me some custom frames for them!
I chose this one cause we want to live in the country one day.

I chose this one cause it's construction related- it adds a bit of Jason to the mix.

The I liked this one for the flowers and the little "nuclear" family :)

I also like the texture that this vintage crochet offers.


This is the gorgeous four poster crib my sister discovered on Craigslist!
I haven't decided if I will distress it or leave it off white.

Now just to put it all together-
thankfully when the time comes, my mom is sure talented in that arena!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jumpin back in!

[I started this post on Wednesday night...only for my computer to crash midway through...and I just have't been back in the mood to finish it...again. ]

Ok- I've got to jump back into the blog thing! I've just not been in the mood and that makes me sad cause I like my blog. :)

So here goes!
[warning: I have a feeling this post is going to be very random!]

Shout out to our latest business venture: The Organic Bloom! We've actually sold FOUR frames now!! We are both so excited to see what's in store! Here's a sampling of our custom picture frames- know a photographer? Send them our link!
Note: as of today (Saturday) we've now sold NINETEEN!! Yipee!!!!! (ok, so it helps that one photographer in New Jersey ordered 12 to do a display in a children's boutique! Eeeek!)

Monday night dinner: a fabulous first for me-minus that fact that one of my eaters didn't like mushrooms- but those could be left out next time. Creamy Spinach-Mushroom Skillet Enchiladas! (pictures forthcoming when the host of the evening sends them to me :) I also added ground beef and a can of black beans. 3 guys+pregnant me= recipe needed a protein boost!

The same evening I met Tulsa's own Bakerella-Rachel of Alter [Egos] Couture Cupcakes- delightfully adorable! See:

Speaking of adorable: (Joyfolie)...added bonus, her blog's playlist is sweet!

Latest garage sale score! (definitely been on my want list for our kids!)

And speaking of kids- once I get my 11 week photo back from Brenda, I'll repost all the photos with the letter's below them so you all can read them. Apparently I made several people very sad that they didn't know what weeks 7-9 said! oops!

I went to An Affair of the Heart yesterday with my mom at the fairgrounds. Worlds largest craft show/womanfest ever. I think next year we will shoot to have a booth for The Organic Bloom!!

I can make Jason forget all his worries and stresses for one sweet hour just by making him tacos. He was so happy I made them Thursday night. :)

I've finished 2 baby books since I started looking for the books on my reading list- one per week! I'm thrilled! It's been forever since I've actually finished a book!

We can't make up our minds if we should get another cat or not. So far the perfect little sister for Finnigan hasn't surfaced yet. I have my heart set on a brown tabby kitten. Just like this:
I adore Finnigan's stripey little legs and want another one just like him!

Whew. I'm out of steam. Hopefully I'll get some more soon- lots is happening these days and I want to remember it all!