Saturday, June 26, 2010

Telling our parents!

First I want to tell Jason's parent's - I had a grand surprise idea to tell you guys too...but then Jason just told next baby I'll get you guys AND Jason all at once so he can't ruin the surprise for you! Hehe! I love surprises and think that this is one of those things that is FUN to share in that manner!

So picking up from my story the day before (Friday, June 4th) parent's had decided that Saturday night we would all get together for a BBQ at their house for Collin & Vanessa's birthdays.

For the longest time I'd told myself, "If it works out, I want to tell my parent's for father's day." Well I didn't quite make it to father's day!

I went to Sam's Saturday morning (June 5th) and bought an "infant" life jacket and then wrapped it in a huge big box. (My parent's have a boat.) I had my cards for Collin & Vanessa so I just set them on top of the box. When I got to my parent's house, everyone thought I'd gotten them a big birthday present.

We swam.
We ate.
We sat around.
We ate dessert.
and then FINALLY opened presents.

Collin & Vanessa opened their cards, meanwhile I held on to the box. After they opened the last card I stood up and handed the big box to my dad and said, "This is for father's day, but I think you'd like to have it sooner than later."

He opened it up, pulled the life jacket out and just stared at it. He didn't get it right away, and Vanessa was asking all sorts of questions, "Is it one of those life jackets you wear just around your neck like you already have? Why is it so small? What is it, dad?"

My mom got it right away, but thankfully let the suspense play out a bit longer. Finally dad said, "Well, Cherie, what is it?" I told him to read the tag out loud..."Infant 15-30 does this mean what I think it means?"


Thankfully Vanessa grabbed my camera at that point and took a bunch of pictures - she and Collin even changed the "Happy Birthday" letters on their cake to spell "baby" instead!

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