Friday, June 25, 2010

How I found out!

I don't want to forget how this day went for me-

Friday, June 4, 2010
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Thursday night at RFKC I had an inkling that I was pregnant- I came to camp expecting that it was going to be that time of the month (ugh)- all the signs were there except it never came. Plus I had just felt "off" all week in my photography duties. I kept telling myself, "Come on, Andrea, this is your 6th year at this, get your game on!"

Friday morning I drove to town to submit the last of my photos for printing- it was about 8:45 when I arrived at Walmart. I immediately went and picked up a box of "2 Clearblue Digital" pregnancy tests. Thankfully at that point I really needed to use the restroom, so I check out and went straight there!

I did my thing and less than a minute later the word "Pregnant" came on to the screen.


I could hardly believe it!! And then there I was all alone in Walmart in Tahlequah, OK. Everyone I wanted to tell was at Camp Egan- down in a valley with NO cell phone reception!

I got to the back of the store to submit my photos. As soon as I was done with that, I had the gal at the photo counter take my picture with the positive pregnancy test- I am just glowing in that photo!!!

Then I walked around the store some more, a nervous excited wreck. I finally got the courage to call my friend, Brenda Horan- she wanted to know what Jason's reaction was and then my mom's- and I had to tell her I couldn't tell either of them just yet.

I picked up my pictures and headed back to Camp Egan.

THEN I held my secret in ALL day long. Jason was having a rough rough morning with his campers acting up and I knew it wasn't the right time to tell him yet.

We finally got home around 7pm that night and went out to look at the garden (which had tripled in size while we were gone for 5 days!) and came inside. Jason asked me if I could make tacos for dinner and I said sure, but I needed to show him something first. We sat at the kitchen table and I pulled out the two positive pregnancy tests...his first reaction...we'll I hear it's a pretty "male" reaction to such news. He got this pained expression on his face and said, "You're.......pregnant?" At which point I burst into tears and said, "You're not excited?" To which he said, "No, it's not that, I was still just thinking about the yummy tacos you're about to make." Which made me burst out laughing instead. (I broke a cardinal rule - feed your hubby BEFORE you tell him big news- I just was so excited that I forgot to fill his tummy first!)

(And for the record I had randomly asked Jason several weeks prior how he wanted to find out we were having a baby- not knowing it would be so soon- surprise or just me telling him? He said just me telling that's what I did!)


Kimberly said...

Congrats, Andrea + Jason! When I told my husband it wasn't that dramatic either...not compared to 5 weeks later when we found out there were TWO! xoxo

Ale Miller said...

When I told Ryan he was still in shock, until he found out it was a boy then he was really excited.

Congratulations! A baby is such a joy in the house. :)

NeeCee said...

Congratulations! Babies are such a blessing!

My husband didn't react like I thought either; just sort of took it in stride. It wasn't until he saw the ultrasound and was able to feel the baby move that it became more "real" for him.

Mountain Mama said...

Yay! for the Sooters!! Finally. I am so very excited for you. congratulations.

God is sooo good.

Bren said...

Oh. My. it weird I am crying???? I am SOOOO happy for you. You will be the BEST Mommy EVER!! God's blessing on you! I will be lifting you up in prayer daily little one!!!

~Amy said...

Congratulations! I know you are so very excited! Babies are such a blessing. Enjoy your pregnancy. It seems like an eternity until that wee little one will be here, but it will be over before you know it!