Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing Green

Finnigan has watched our garden grow from

This (May 25th)
(the whole garden)



(bell peppers)


to THIS! (June 14th)

(the squash are HUGE and taking over the garden- along with the cantelope, cucumbers and zucchini)

(yellow summer squash)

(buttercup squash)

(butternut squash)

A seasoned gardener told me last week- this is the BEST his garden has ever done so early on in the summer- I guess we picked a great year to be "firstimers" at this gardening thing!


Ornery's Wife said...

I have never seen tomatoes as big and as early as the ones we are growing this year--not that I am a seasoned gardener, but wow! Looks like you have quite a good crop going!

Bren said...

UGH! My garden is not doing so well. My one and only cucumber plant died!!! My tomatoes and peppers are doing "ok", but my lettuce is brown on the edges and my onions are wilty. How am I ever going to get Sweetheart to expand for me!!!
Your garden looks GORGEOUS!!!!