Monday, June 14, 2010

Dirt under my fingernails!

I spent about 4 hours yesterday working on my front flower beds- pulling tons of grass out of them, putting down wet newspaper and then topping it all off with fresh mulch!

(a couple of weeks ago- you see all that sneaky grass in my flowerbed!?)

Since this is just a rent house, we've not really wanted to put much money into the landscape so I've focused on planting perennials from my next door neighbor and my mom.

The house came with two gorgeous hydrangeas!! And they're BLUE- one of my all time favorite flowers!

Several perennials from my mom & neighbor are - pink & purple cone flowers, African daisies, bee balm and day lilies.


Ornery's Wife said...

I SO need to do that! I have already cleaned it out a couple of times, but I need to get some mulch down to slow it down. I am assuming you got fairly wet while weeding? :)

Cathy Wehrspann said...

Andrea - Your flowerbed looks gorgeous!! And your pictures are so professional that they could be in a flower magazine!
I'm not familiar with bee balm. What does it look like? Could you bring me a sample sometime?