Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Continuing on in my week of favorites- another of mine is Pampered Chef!
I am offering a "catalog" show right now with a cute mama of 4 that I met via blogging about 2 years ago!

Here's the link if you're interested in placing a Pampered Chef order this week:
Click on "shop online" in the upper left hand corner
Host Name: Andrea Sooter

And then you're in!
(If you're nearby me, it's much cheaper to have your items shipped to me vs. your own house- so that's an option too)

Happy shopping! Here are a few of my absolute favorite Pampered Chef items:

I have 2 of these- my Grandma Ross always says "You can never have too many brownie spatulas!" So true, so true!

This is THE way to peel/slice/core apples for pie...especially if you're making multiple apple pies! An added plus is that your husband will be intrigued with it and offer to help you make your pie! Even if he's like mine and doesn't like apple pie!

I've had a couple of these apple slicer type things- the PC one is by far the best! It's so sturdy!

This is just plain fun to have!!

Admission: I have FIVE of these! Stoneware is the WAY to bake bread!

The mini baker- we LOVE to make personal sized pizzas in ours... I have 4 so we can make pizzas with family & friends!

Another thing that PC makes that is top notch! (Well all their stuff is top notch!)

This is an egg separator...but I use my regularly to dunk my eggs into boiling water to make hard boiled eggs- it keeps them from dropping so fast to the bottom of the pot & cracking!

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Ornery's Wife said...

Yay for Pampered Chef!! My most used items are the food chopper and mini bar pan, although I completely love the knives and salad spinner. No, wait, I think my favorite is the mix n store glass pitcher/bowls and the little pinch bowls. Oh, face it, I love it all! :)

hope said...

Papmpered Chef is wonderful. I bake all of my homemade rolls and cinnamon rolls in their large round deep dish pan. I have two of these and they are hands down my favorite pampered chef product!
grace and peace,