Thursday, May 6, 2010

this crazy week

Lots of irons in the fire this week

2nd night this week up past 1am
if you know me, you know I don't generally function past 10pm

There are currently 50 lbs of powedered sugar from Sam's on my kitchen table
18lbs of Crisco too
totally gross to even look at
butter cream frosting here i come

cakes in my freezer
I'm making the centerpieces for a wedding next weekend-
about 30 small (6x6) cakes

my great-uncle bud passed away last night
every spring seems to hold an average of 3 deaths/funerals for me
this is #4 this year
however the service will probably be in arizona
not really a doable trip right now

paint all over my craft table
I'm becoming a faux finish machine
sudden desire to meet the lady of The Magic Brush
working late nights at the shop with Jason while's cutting frames
huge and fast learning curve for the CNC router
Brenda is shooting photos of the frames on Friday
we're getting ready to launch into something new!

vending machine papers to be done before Friday morning
we're selling a portion of our vending route
all info must be in place

tomorrow morning I'd already committed to helping re-stock craft centers
for kid's camp
can't let my mom down!


1 comment:

Mountain Mama said...

be sure to take pics of your 6x6 cakes!

you are one busy girl.