Monday, May 24, 2010


We did it.

Tonight we bit the bullet and bought a brand new iMac computer. Jason's been limping along with his Dell trying to work with SolidWorks to be able to make cutting files for his CNC router.
(Problematic with trying to start a new business.)

She looks like this:

I've already named her Maxie. She's beautiful.

I called and left my sister a message like this (in a loud excited voice!!) "Vanessa! Guess what!! ...we got a brand new iMac tonight! That's all, bye"

So she called me back later and said she was just sure I was announcing that I was "pregnant by the tone of my voice on the message...but a Mac, that's exciting too..."

Vanessa: "So whose computer is this?"

Me: "Jason's" (Jason in the background says, "Oh it's OURS until we get Andrea a MacBook")

Vanessa: "Oh, like "ours" like Collin's new Honda Element that I never get to drive!? Haha!"

(Jason): "No!"

Me: "I'm with you Vanessa!"

The end.

(PS Jason's video chatting with Matthew, getting all sorts of tutorial tips, so Finnigan got to say hello to Jessica :)

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Mountain Mama said...

Congratulations on your new Mac!! You are going to love it!!!

My PC crashed last fall and we replaced it with a Mac. Dreamy :-)

Have fun!