Friday, May 21, 2010

50 million wedding cakes

Ok, it was just thirty...but felt like 50 million ;)

Somewhere back in February I said yes to my friend, Marilyn, to making 30 6x6x6 cakes- to be the centerpiece of each table at a wedding. She had another wedding that same day and couldn't do both.

What was I thinking?!

Marilyn had me over to her house - she taught me how to make her butter cream frosting and start practicing icing techniques.

2 hours in lessons

Several weeks ago Jason brought our chest freezer home from the shop and I began baking cakes- a few here and there. It took about an hour to make 2.

grease pans
make cake mixes (from a box- my one saving grace in all this)
bake for 40 minutes
ice with a "tack coat" while still hot (milk & powdered sugar)

15 hours of baking

When I first said yes to doing this project I knew I had to have a helper. I stopped in one day at our friends house and asked their mom if she would be willing to help me. I still can't believe she said yes and stayed with me the whole time! She came over 2 evenings and we worked on our frosting skills

3 hours practicing frosting

Then came the big frosting weekend.

I did the "assembly" part- putting the cakes together, basic frosting, plus I made all the batches of frosting (about one per cake)

my "finished" part

Then I passed them off the Kerry- she did the "smoothing" part since she was better than me at that step. She also sifted ALL the powdered sugar we used - close to 75 lbs!!

Some of the cakes after being smoothed- we did the decorating the next day

All the cakes we did on Friday- 18

Last Friday Kerry came over and we started frosting frosting and more frosting- she was at my house for 10 hours on Friday, 8 hours on Saturday and then helped me deliver and set them up another 2 hours on Sunday.

Getting close to having 30 done- Saturday afternoon

18 hours frosting
Go, Kerry, go!!

Some had dots, some not

2 hours delivering

= 50 hours on this crazy project

Again, what was I thinking!?

My friend, Florene, cutting the cake at her table

My friend, Sharon, cutting the cake at her table

Miss Manners being goofy for me!

I was pretty much a nervous wreck all last weekend until I got to the wedding (yes, I also had to attend it and look at those cake some more! ahh!) and then I got lots of positive feedback on the cakes. I knew they tasted fine, but as to how they all looked - I saw every mistake and crinkle in the icing. Did I mention they were the centerpieces, and that everyone sat at tables during the ceremony, and that the cakes were on a 12 inch pedestal- right at eye level??

One of the guests posted this on Facebook- so many people were disappointed to find out the "M" was not chocolate!

One of the most meaningful comments I got was from my friend Marilyn's husband, Ed. He put his arm around me and said, "Andrea, I'm probably the only one in this room who knows how hard a square cake is. I know how hard it is to "square up" corners- and you had to do 120 of them! You did a fantastic job for your first time." (Marilyn's been making cakes for over 35 years)

All said and done- would I do it again. Oh probably. I've got a lot more "cake skills" under my belt now, and I have a hard time turning down a challenge!

Oh, but I'm so glad this event is behind me now!

Mallory came over and gave me a big thumbs up! She thought the cake tasted delicious! (I used to babysit Mallory and her brothers when I was in college.)

My friend Nancy & I matched!

The venue was super cute - The Silo in West Tulsa


More than Survival said...

The cakes are BEAUTIFUL and what a WONDERFUL idea for a centerpiece!!!! LOVE it!!! Take it from someone that has done wedding flowers... I know what you mean about TIME and being nervous and seeing all the mistakes. I am tucking this idea away in my wedding ideas.... I think my daughter might like this idea, too! (she has YEARS to finish growing up, but girls do like to gather ideas for a long time!)
Thanks for sharing and get some extra rest this weekend!

Jessica Tankersley said...

dang woman! congratulations on getting all those done!

Mountain Mama said...

You go girlfriend! Those cakes are beautiful. I am way impressed.

Kara said...

whoa. I'm impressed. I would love to have cake-frosting skills. I need a lot more practice...

Elizabeth said...

Wow good job! That's a lot of work but they turned out so adorable!

NeeCee said...

The cakes look wonderful! I would definitely say you should take your friend up on any other offers of cake making in the future. :0)

Jen said...

Your cakes looked beautiful and I love that you met the challenge! It's hard for me to turn down challenging projects too, but what a great feeling afterwards!