Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whoever came up with evolution...

...was not a homemaker. I'm 100% positive.

As a Christian I obviously don't believe we got here by evolving...however the most practical explanation as for why evolution is a bunch of mumbo jumbo is shown through simple housekeeping.

If you are the keeper of your home I'm sure you've noticed by now that things do not evolve into a state of order...

but rather disorder.

Even the most clean and neat people, and I'd like to consider myself one of those, are constantly having to work at a clean home. No one's laundry magically get's to the hamper->washer->dryer->closet on it's own. No one's cupboard's regularly clean themselves out. No one's floors sweep themselves. Pet hair in no way walks itself from the couch to the trash. Papers never file themselves. Recycling doesn't jump to the curb.

Ok you get the picture.
Someone* has to work at orderliness around here!

P.S. Do you know any other 25 year olds with as many mixing bowls as me!? ...sometimes they are all being used at once! That usually means my kitchen is in a major state of disorder! haha!

* Me


LB said...

You are SO neat and orderly! I call you my most organized friend. You are making me jealous, too. I absolutely can't wait to have that kind of cabinet space. Less than a month!

~Amy said...

I'm new to & just found your blog last night. I have really enjoyed looking over your site & find it sooo refreshing to find a young lady WANTING to learn all those thrown-by-the-wayside traditions. Most young ladies these days have no interest in being a keeper at home. I commend you & look forward to following your blog. :)


P.s. Though I've just started my blog and don't have much there yet, you can follow it at
if you'd like.

Mountain Mama said...

Amen Sister! Orderliness does NOT just happen.

BTW ~ when are you coming to do my cupboards, closets, shelves etc.? :-)

Ornery's Wife said...

Lovely job on the organization. It is true that things don't seem to stay the way we put them, either. Just one time of the man putting dishes away and the whole system is awry. That's okay, though. I like organizing and it's great when he helps out!
Nice post, as always!