Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trip to Denton, TX

Vanessa and I took off late Thursday morning towards Denton, TX to attend the funeral service for our Great Granddaddy. We are both very fortunate to have flexible schedules that just allowed us to pick up and go. Jason & I attended a funeral for his great aunt the week before and Collin had also taken off the week before for a trip, so both guys stayed home to work.

Thursday evening was the visitation at the funeral home. There were probably at least 75 people there that night. That was also the hardest part emotionally- seeing my dad cry was difficult. As my mom pointed out to us girls, these were the grandparents that really made an effort to continue seeing he and his sister when their parent's divorced. (Dad was 9, Aunt Chris 6 when their parent's split.) Grandmother and Granddaddy still took them camping or came to visit year after year even thought they lived hundreds of miles from Spokane, WA. There were LOTS of camping memories shared at the service the next day.

I love this photo of Nessa- she purposely wore her cowboy boots to the funeral, sure enough lots of the men were in boots and jeans...I caught her petting the goats at our great aunt & uncle's house before we left!

Me, Great Grandmother & Vanessa
We asked - she said she has 24 great-grandchildren with another on the way (not counting spouses) and 1 great-great grandchild with another coming in June.

She and Granddaddy were married almost 75 years- they were married 6 weeks after their first date together!

Me & my cousin's wife, Kennah
Great Aunt Melvena shared at the funeral where her name came from, so we were talking about names at lunch and I asked where Kennah's had come from. She said it came from a magazine, but that she was going to be "Kanada August" before that! Yes, Kanada with a "K"!

Dad, my cousin Michael & his fiance, Megan- getting married this summer!

My mom & my Uncle Eric

Aunt Chris & her dad (my Grandpa Jeff)

My family with Grandpa Jeff & Grandma Alice from California

All the great grandsons still there after the meal- 4/6 of my cousins came
(Michael, Robert & Andrew on the left, Stephen on the right)

Dad, Great Grandmother & Grandpa Jeff- 3 Generations

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Danielle said...

Andrea, my heart goes out to you as I know losing a loved one is never easy. It looks as though your great-grandpa lived a very blessed life. And almost 75 years of marriage, how special is that!

Your great-grandma is absolutely gorgeous!