Monday, April 26, 2010

Things that go BUMP in the night, Part II

Remember this post!?

Well we had a lovely repeat this week. This time there was glass. Lots of glass.... broken glass at 1:37 am...what's your first thought?

Thankfully it was just something falling off the wall and not an intruder. (Way to see the positive of a junky situation, right? :)

My sweet spice rack decided it no longer liked it's top piece of trim. You know, the piece that actually holds it to the wall.

[At this point, I have to make a disclaimer: this was NOT something my husband built- it's a craft organizer from Michaels- I saw 2 last week just like it in this post on Remodelaholic]

Anywho...we decided to clean it up in the morning so we stuck this screen up to keep Finnigan out of the kitchen.

I am not kidding when I said there was glass & ceramics everywhere.

I pulled out my trusty best vacuum in the entire world, Dyson!

Only 2 of my 8 mugs survived. Thankfully they were just from Treasure Land (aka Ross).

My broken spice jars, however, will have to wait till we go to Texas in July to be replaced. They are from World Market and we don't have one of those here in Tulsa AND they don't sell the specific jars I bought online...


Spice Rack said...

Too bad, you've got a nice design of spice rack out there. Anyway, I think it would be better to have at least one that is durable enough to hold your spices.

Ornery's Wife said...

was Finn the culprit? or was it just a fluke that it fell? It could have been screwed into the wall, I suppose, and that would have held it up. :) That would have been Ornery's solution, I'm afraid.

Leah said...

Oh no! That sucks. I had a tension-rod in my laundry room crash down in the middle of the night a couple months ago. It scared me!... and of course it took forever to figure out what happened.

Also, I hadn't heard of World Market but I just spent way too much time on the website tonight and now I have a huge wish-list. Love it! We need one of those stores here.