Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RFKC Workspace!

Every Tuesday afternoon I spend with a group of ladies at church working on quilts and other activities for Royal Family Kids' Camp. We completed the stash of quilts we will need for this year's foster kids camp and have since been working on costumes and re-stocking the activities centers. Last week we got to move into our very own workspace in the new part of the church building! For the last 11 years, a couple in our church has graciously allowed us to store all our RFKC wares in their business' warehouse. Now we have a dedicated room to work on and organize quilts, tea party regalia, costumes, bed linens and activities centers!

Mom, Me & Marilyn

There are about 35 completed quilts in those top 6 bins- in a month they will all have new homes with Tulsa area foster children!

Maureen was trying to avoid my photos! But I got her! I love Maureen- she's a hoot and has the most lovely British accent!

Jay (whose granddad has been storing our stuff in his warehouse) assembled 7 shelves on wheels and 3 hanging racks for us that day! He said he's got plenty more to put together too! We will also be getting ALL new storage bins with lids that can't be lost! (background)

Plus a new washer and dryer for the church will be housed in this room!


Glenn Garvin said...


That is so exciting for you guys. I just connected with Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds and was able to speak to 50 guild presidents. They are taking on the huge task of trying provide quilts for the 20 RFKCs in the Southern California area.

Thank you so much for all that you do for the kids.

for the fatherless,

Glenn Garvin,
Director of Mission Fulfillment
Royal Family Kids' Camps


Ornery's Wife said...

I love Maureen, too. She is pretty funny. :) Looks like quite a grand spot for your storage these days. I am glad for the church to have crafted out a place for this fantastic ministry. Good job CC!