Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The other night we planted 24 tomato plants (3 kinds- cherry, roma & brandywine), 8 cantelope starts and 8 squash plants (butternut and buttercup).

We've determined our garden is far too small and think we will probably just till up most of the rest of the backyard. We have no dog and no kiddos, so why not!? :)


Mountain Mama said...

Grow garden Grow!! Looks great.

Note to the newlywed: Save the rest of the yard for future kids! Ya never know... :-)


Ornery's Wife said...

From the lofty height of Jason's photo eye to the low juxtaposition of you squatting to plant, it looks like little elves are planting tomatoes!

I vote YES to making the whole yard a garden, but I have to wonder what in the world you will do with the produce from 24 tomato plants??