Monday, April 12, 2010

Pizza Picnics!

We don't eat out very often just the 2 of us- just kind of the way we are- however the past two weeks we've done something different:

Bellacino's Pizza at 96th & Riverside is pretty darn tasty...and a large 1 topping pizza is 11.96 with tax. An easy date for the two of us!

Last night we called ahead and ordered our pizza, picked it up and had a picnic at Riverparks.

We stayed long enough to watch the sunset over the river, which is surprisingly pretty if you know what the Arkansas River typically looks like!

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Danielle said...

When I saw this picture for the first time the first thought that crossed my mind was, wow how gorgeous and then... how in the world could anyone not believe in our God. How sweet the beauty of His creation is. An even sweeter that you were able to capture it for the rest of us. Sounds like a very romantic and peaceful date.