Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I wish this upon no one:

I wish upon no one that they be a PRO at changing flat tires....a PRO because they've changed so many, anyways!

This was flat tire #2 for Jason in 7 days time...the highway patrol guy who came by was a real smart aleck about having to change a flat tire in the dark. If only he knew that my husband could probably change a tire while blindfolded! I'm pretty sure Jason's had 5-6 flat tires in the 5 years I've known him. I've only had one. He came and changed it in the rain for me too! (That was before I had roadside assistance. If you have an AT&T cell phone- you have no excuse for not having roadside assistance. It's a whopping $3 per month through them! Call and get it set up today!)

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Carol said...

We had a flat tire while in Texas for Granddaddy's funeral. We were pulled off to the shoulder of a country highway at 10:30 pm....very dark and few passing motorists. One passing motorist was your Dad's cousin, another was his cousin's best friend ("that's my house just up ahead...come on over if you need something more") a phone call brought a cousin's husband with a real jack and a teen-aged son with great truck know how. Suddenly we didn't feel quite so lonely on the side of the road. The next morning Uncle Ben called his tire shop (he buys lots of tires for the farm implements he trades in) and all was handled at NO charge. We prayed for God's protection to be with us at the beginning of the trip to Texas....and guess what, He provided everything we needed. That's My Jesus! - Mom