Friday, April 16, 2010

Garden 2010

Our garden is in the works!

I think we should have started our 'lasagna garden' last fall...however a project that started out as Jason's has become something got lost in translation and we didn't get started till Easter weekend.

Our pile of boxes from Kirklind's cardboard dumpster

We had to take all the packing tape off the boxes before we could use them for a garden.
(You like my cute jammies??)

Jason starting the 'lasagna' (1st layer is wet cardboard)

Then we raided a newspaper recycling dumpster (2nd layer is wet newspaper, 3rd layer is hay from my in-law's farm.)

I think at this point our 'lasagna' is supposed to alternate brown and green layers of compost, grass clippings, etc...however we didn't really get it all started in time, so this year we will plant through the cardboard into the ground. As we come to the end of this gardening season we will be adding compost, peat moss, leaves, etc.

My little plants are ready for a real home! (I started these mid February)

My only hope this year is that I plant enough stuff that something will produce for us! It's certainly a learning process and I have lots more to learn!

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~Amy said...

Looks nice! I've never heard of a lasagna garden. I've been working on getting our house story posted for you. Got some of the story typed up, just need to get the pics with it then I will post it. Been really busy around here.