Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Fav T-town Original!

*I haven't been to their newest Tulsa store yet, but I hear it's like a QT theme park!

Before the days of eating healthy and organic grocery shopping we adored QuikTrip and all it's tasty glory.

I may not frequent their gas station eatery, but I still want to give them props for the business that they do!

59 cent cheap drink summer (peach tea used to be our standard)
dollar taquitos
89 cent cappuccino sugary goodness
instant milkshakes
a "welcome" and "come again" to every single customer- at every single location
and spotless bathrooms (important to a lady, you know!)

What more could one ask for?

When I babysat a few years back, the kids would beg me to take them to QuikTrip for lunch- and gladly I did! I wasn't their mom and babysitters are supposed to let you do things your parents don't! hehe!

QT- you have my gasoline dollars, whether I eat your junk food or not!

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Jessica Tankersley said...

I miss having QTs so close, so much!