Monday, April 12, 2010


I love blogging and am thankfully not driven by comments...since I hardly ever get any....but I did get a really nice one this past week that I just have to share:
I'm new to & just found your blog last night. I have really enjoyed looking over your site & find it sooo refreshing to find a young lady WANTING to learn all those thrown-by-the-wayside traditions. Most young ladies these days have no interest in being a keeper at home. I commend you & look forward to following your blog. :)


P.s. Though I've just started my blog and don't have much there yet, you can follow it at
if you'd like.


Today I also got a Facebook chat from a gal I knew in high school youth group - I appreciate when someone stops to tell me that they read my blog. I'm ALWAYS surprised as to who it is since I get so few comments! BTW- if you're in need of a wedding planner I hear Erica's pretty great! (
Clear Chat History

hey....just wanted to let you know that i'm a big fan of your blog :-)

Thanks to Amy & Erica!! You made my day!


Mountain Mama said...

Ditto! to Amy's comment. I agree.


~Amy said...

I will post pics of the house as soon as I can and will blog about how we have done it. It has taken us 4 years because we have done it with cash & done all the work ourselves. Currently we are living in it, but still finishing up some of the work in it also. So that is keeping me pretty busy. I promise to put something up soon, though.


~Amy said...

Oh, and you are very welcome for the comment. I truly meant it!

Erica said...

YAY!!! Look....I'm commenting!! Love the blog....keep it up :-)

Ornery's Wife said...

I comment... :) and I too love your blog. It has been fun getting to know you this way.