Thursday, April 29, 2010


I read these in my Google Reader one night before nodding off in bed, and whipped them up the very next morning.


Swedish Pancakes. Crepes. Spongy like Tortillas.

Whatever you'd like to call them, they were super easy and got a stamp of approval from the picky-eater-man that I married...

2 eggs
2 cups milk or water
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons canola or coconut oil

Mix all ingredients well.

Lightly oil a small skillet and pre-heat. Measure 1/4 C. batter into the pan, and tilt to cover the bottom of the pan with batter.

Flip when edges are brown.

Fill with honey, cinnamon, or hot fruit (we did strawberries), then roll up. Drizzle with honey or maple syrup.


Now if you're me, and you happen to own a tortilla press, these are even easier to cook- just dollop and press. Cook for 45 seconds and wha-la!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RFKC Workspace!

Every Tuesday afternoon I spend with a group of ladies at church working on quilts and other activities for Royal Family Kids' Camp. We completed the stash of quilts we will need for this year's foster kids camp and have since been working on costumes and re-stocking the activities centers. Last week we got to move into our very own workspace in the new part of the church building! For the last 11 years, a couple in our church has graciously allowed us to store all our RFKC wares in their business' warehouse. Now we have a dedicated room to work on and organize quilts, tea party regalia, costumes, bed linens and activities centers!

Mom, Me & Marilyn

There are about 35 completed quilts in those top 6 bins- in a month they will all have new homes with Tulsa area foster children!

Maureen was trying to avoid my photos! But I got her! I love Maureen- she's a hoot and has the most lovely British accent!

Jay (whose granddad has been storing our stuff in his warehouse) assembled 7 shelves on wheels and 3 hanging racks for us that day! He said he's got plenty more to put together too! We will also be getting ALL new storage bins with lids that can't be lost! (background)

Plus a new washer and dryer for the church will be housed in this room!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Things that go BUMP in the night, Part II

Remember this post!?

Well we had a lovely repeat this week. This time there was glass. Lots of glass.... broken glass at 1:37 am...what's your first thought?

Thankfully it was just something falling off the wall and not an intruder. (Way to see the positive of a junky situation, right? :)

My sweet spice rack decided it no longer liked it's top piece of trim. You know, the piece that actually holds it to the wall.

[At this point, I have to make a disclaimer: this was NOT something my husband built- it's a craft organizer from Michaels- I saw 2 last week just like it in this post on Remodelaholic]

Anywho...we decided to clean it up in the morning so we stuck this screen up to keep Finnigan out of the kitchen.

I am not kidding when I said there was glass & ceramics everywhere.

I pulled out my trusty best vacuum in the entire world, Dyson!

Only 2 of my 8 mugs survived. Thankfully they were just from Treasure Land (aka Ross).

My broken spice jars, however, will have to wait till we go to Texas in July to be replaced. They are from World Market and we don't have one of those here in Tulsa AND they don't sell the specific jars I bought online...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tomlinson's Move!

We are still at that age- we or our friends always seem to be moving! I have no desire to ever be a professional mover, but I've become a kitchen packing pro! I can think of at least 7 friends whose kitchen's I've helped pack (or unpack) over the past couple of years!

Friday night we made homemade pizzas and headed over to Jef & Laurie's house to help them pack their POD. Five hours later their house was 95% packed and the POD was full! They will keep their stuff in the POD for about 10 days until their new house is ready to move into.

Laurie cleaning out the fridge.

The guys had 2 beasts to wrangle- the fridge and an armoir!

Helping pack up the kitchen!

Rah-Rah-GOOOO Team Tomlinson! (T-shirt is from their wedding, their initials JTL are the Atari logo.)

Jef- taking the doors off the fridge

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arts & Crafts, Part II

Vanessa and I spied this across the room at a Mexican restaurant we ate at while in Texas. From where we were sitting it looked like a giant piece of paper that had been folded, cut snowflake style and then unfolded. However upon closer examination we determined it was a 55 gallon drum cut open and probably cut with a cutting torch.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arts & Crafts, Part I

I had lunch last week with friends Brenda & Donna - when Donna's little Lexi passed away I had asked her for a few mementos for a shadow box. Brenda printed off one of her photos for me and it all turned out perfect. Donna couldn't open it in the restaurant, but I hope that this piece reminds them of beautiful times instead of bringing sadness.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The other night we planted 24 tomato plants (3 kinds- cherry, roma & brandywine), 8 cantelope starts and 8 squash plants (butternut and buttercup).

We've determined our garden is far too small and think we will probably just till up most of the rest of the backyard. We have no dog and no kiddos, so why not!? :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trip to Denton, TX

Vanessa and I took off late Thursday morning towards Denton, TX to attend the funeral service for our Great Granddaddy. We are both very fortunate to have flexible schedules that just allowed us to pick up and go. Jason & I attended a funeral for his great aunt the week before and Collin had also taken off the week before for a trip, so both guys stayed home to work.

Thursday evening was the visitation at the funeral home. There were probably at least 75 people there that night. That was also the hardest part emotionally- seeing my dad cry was difficult. As my mom pointed out to us girls, these were the grandparents that really made an effort to continue seeing he and his sister when their parent's divorced. (Dad was 9, Aunt Chris 6 when their parent's split.) Grandmother and Granddaddy still took them camping or came to visit year after year even thought they lived hundreds of miles from Spokane, WA. There were LOTS of camping memories shared at the service the next day.

I love this photo of Nessa- she purposely wore her cowboy boots to the funeral, sure enough lots of the men were in boots and jeans...I caught her petting the goats at our great aunt & uncle's house before we left!

Me, Great Grandmother & Vanessa
We asked - she said she has 24 great-grandchildren with another on the way (not counting spouses) and 1 great-great grandchild with another coming in June.

She and Granddaddy were married almost 75 years- they were married 6 weeks after their first date together!

Me & my cousin's wife, Kennah
Great Aunt Melvena shared at the funeral where her name came from, so we were talking about names at lunch and I asked where Kennah's had come from. She said it came from a magazine, but that she was going to be "Kanada August" before that! Yes, Kanada with a "K"!

Dad, my cousin Michael & his fiance, Megan- getting married this summer!

My mom & my Uncle Eric

Aunt Chris & her dad (my Grandpa Jeff)

My family with Grandpa Jeff & Grandma Alice from California

All the great grandsons still there after the meal- 4/6 of my cousins came
(Michael, Robert & Andrew on the left, Stephen on the right)

Dad, Great Grandmother & Grandpa Jeff- 3 Generations

Friday, April 16, 2010

Garden 2010

Our garden is in the works!

I think we should have started our 'lasagna garden' last fall...however a project that started out as Jason's has become something got lost in translation and we didn't get started till Easter weekend.

Our pile of boxes from Kirklind's cardboard dumpster

We had to take all the packing tape off the boxes before we could use them for a garden.
(You like my cute jammies??)

Jason starting the 'lasagna' (1st layer is wet cardboard)

Then we raided a newspaper recycling dumpster (2nd layer is wet newspaper, 3rd layer is hay from my in-law's farm.)

I think at this point our 'lasagna' is supposed to alternate brown and green layers of compost, grass clippings, etc...however we didn't really get it all started in time, so this year we will plant through the cardboard into the ground. As we come to the end of this gardening season we will be adding compost, peat moss, leaves, etc.

My little plants are ready for a real home! (I started these mid February)

My only hope this year is that I plant enough stuff that something will produce for us! It's certainly a learning process and I have lots more to learn!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Granddaddy

Grandaddy, Grandmother, me, Jason, Mom & Dad- at our wedding October 2006
(These are my Dad's grandparents)

I'm headed to Denton, TX with my sister today- our Great Grandfather passed away on Tuesday. (I think he was 95). We will meet up with my parents and TONS of other family there for the visitation and service.

My mom & dad went Easter weekend to visit them- here's an excerpt from my mom's post trip email - April 5th:

Just to check in about our trip to see Grandmother and Granddaddy:
We spent most of Saturday w/ Grandmother. it's kind of funny, but it's kind of like a mark of status at the Retirement Home to have guests at your table in the dining room. She was walking around introducing us to all her usual table mates. Saturday afternoon we all went to the Rehab Center to visit Granddaddy. He is staying a nice place, no funny/horrible nursing home smell. Very clean and well run place. He was in bed when we arrived, completely groggy. Not sure, but was possibly drug induced. We couldn't seem to connect w/ him in any meaningful way by usual conversation or hand holding. So, I asked Grandmother if he had some favorite songs and ended up singing to him for about the next 20 minutes, hymns that he loves. Well, his whole presence changed, his color improved, his hands warmed up, his eyes started to focus and he started to crack just a tiny bit of a smile at the end of one of the songs. He was finally "there". So we ended up having a good visit.
Granddaddy has been on the rehab wing since his admission to the facility about 2 months ago....recovering from a terrible episode of back pain. However his rehab days allotted by medicare have come to an end and he will be moved to another wing today.....which is more geared towards long term care and maintenance. He doesn't seem to be in the terrible pain now, but it's been good for the staff to get him up and into his wheelchair to sit for part of each day. I'm thinking he might be spending more time in bed from here on out. They are managing his moods and behavior via medication and so he has had some undesirable side-effects develop, which involve involuntary movements of his limbs and facial muscles. I hope these are not permanent. Some of the medications are being discontinued due to these side-effects. Others are being tried. The prevailing "wisdom" of the day in nursing care is not to rely so much on literal physical restraints to manage undesirable behaviors, (since the part of the brain that manages impulsive behaviours seems to be less functional and every idea seems good at the moment) ...but chemical restraints and medication to manage the patients are thought to be more desirable. .....So, hence we come in for a visit and find Granddaddy unable to be alert or awake very much at all., It's very tough.
Grandmother however seems to be alright most of the time. Although she did break down and cry during Easter Service when the congregation sang Granddaddy's favorite hymn "He Lives!" realizing that this was the first time he wasn't beside her in church to sing it. Even the worship leader, seeing Grandmother cry, began to sympathize with her and could barely struggle through to the end of what is normally meant to be a joyful and triumphant song celebrating the Resurrection of the Lord. I thought the worship leader was going to end up in tears.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Colors

We spent Easter Sunday (ok, so I'm a little behind on my blogging) with my mom's parents and Collin & Vanessa...Nessa took most of these photos and I told her any pics on my camera are fair game for my blog! (Including the self portrait ;) Somehow Grandma missed being in any pics, bummer!

I think we look like colored easter eggs here :)

Me & my sister bear

Nessa & Collin

Miss Cutie Pie

Grandpa Ross- coming up on his 81st birthday this month!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pizza Picnics!

We don't eat out very often just the 2 of us- just kind of the way we are- however the past two weeks we've done something different:

Bellacino's Pizza at 96th & Riverside is pretty darn tasty...and a large 1 topping pizza is 11.96 with tax. An easy date for the two of us!

Last night we called ahead and ordered our pizza, picked it up and had a picnic at Riverparks.

We stayed long enough to watch the sunset over the river, which is surprisingly pretty if you know what the Arkansas River typically looks like!


I love blogging and am thankfully not driven by comments...since I hardly ever get any....but I did get a really nice one this past week that I just have to share:
I'm new to & just found your blog last night. I have really enjoyed looking over your site & find it sooo refreshing to find a young lady WANTING to learn all those thrown-by-the-wayside traditions. Most young ladies these days have no interest in being a keeper at home. I commend you & look forward to following your blog. :)


P.s. Though I've just started my blog and don't have much there yet, you can follow it at
if you'd like.


Today I also got a Facebook chat from a gal I knew in high school youth group - I appreciate when someone stops to tell me that they read my blog. I'm ALWAYS surprised as to who it is since I get so few comments! BTW- if you're in need of a wedding planner I hear Erica's pretty great! (
Clear Chat History

hey....just wanted to let you know that i'm a big fan of your blog :-)

Thanks to Amy & Erica!! You made my day!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whoever came up with evolution...

...was not a homemaker. I'm 100% positive.

As a Christian I obviously don't believe we got here by evolving...however the most practical explanation as for why evolution is a bunch of mumbo jumbo is shown through simple housekeeping.

If you are the keeper of your home I'm sure you've noticed by now that things do not evolve into a state of order...

but rather disorder.

Even the most clean and neat people, and I'd like to consider myself one of those, are constantly having to work at a clean home. No one's laundry magically get's to the hamper->washer->dryer->closet on it's own. No one's cupboard's regularly clean themselves out. No one's floors sweep themselves. Pet hair in no way walks itself from the couch to the trash. Papers never file themselves. Recycling doesn't jump to the curb.

Ok you get the picture.
Someone* has to work at orderliness around here!

P.S. Do you know any other 25 year olds with as many mixing bowls as me!? ...sometimes they are all being used at once! That usually means my kitchen is in a major state of disorder! haha!

* Me