Friday, March 26, 2010


It's officially been 4 weeks now since I've become a SAHW (stay-at-home-wife) again!

And let me tell you: It's been CRAZY around here!

I've had like 6 friend's who've called to congratulate me or schedule lots of fun dates now that I'm "free"! I have so many wonderful friends! I've gotten to help with the quilts for the Royal Family Kids' Camp foster kids, work out with my friend Nancy, go antiquing with my friend Brenda, get my toe nails done with my sister, have bi-weekly lunch dates with my friend Elise, watch movies with my friend Jessica, go bike riding to dinner on Brookside with Jason and another couple friends, get hot chocolate at Cosmo's with Jason and Jef & Laurie, have new friends Tim & Kara over for famous tacos, and have Matthew & Jessica over to play cards!

Whew. It's been glorious. It's been great to see our lives return to "our normal" :)

AND in addition to spending so much time with friends, I've gotten to spend a tremendous amount of time accompanying Jason on work related things! Being a SAHW again has been WONDERFUL for our marriage!

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