Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happenings at The Shop

The Shop
Jason's Very Capable Man Cave

1000 sq. ft. of tools
sawdust on everything most of the time
creativity flows
constant learning
friendships built while building things

the latest addition: The CNC Router
learning it's ins and outs
submersing himself in SolidWorks and MasterCam
the "first cut"- several weeks ago now

working on a pizza pie table like this:

I stopped by the shop mid day today- Jason was learning how to bend wood for part of the table

I love my husband- he does so many cool things!

P.S. Please ignore the fact that I took all these pictures on my phone. Thanks ;)


Ornery's Wife said...

that looks so cool! I have always been fascinated with wood working stuff. I even took shop class in high school--they had a girls shop class for one semester then quit offering it. I was glad I was able to participate. I made a cedar chest and some cutting boards. I even escaped with a passing grade and all my fingers in tact!

Danielle said...

I am always impressed! Can't wait to see the finished product!