Monday, March 22, 2010

Chicken Neighbors!!

Last Monday I saw my next door neighbors sitting out on their front porch. I hollered over to them and asked if they were enjoying their spring break? The mom, Elizabeth, called back to me saying they were going to build a chicken coop!

A CHICKEN COOP!? DOES THAT MEAN YOU HAVE CHICKENS!? (Can you sense my excitement!?)


So they took me to their in-law suite in the back yard and showed off their baby chickens! They are going to be laying hens!! I told her we will be willing customers once they start laying eggs!

I peered over the fence on Friday afternoon to see Dan working on the chicken coop and the chickens were "happily pecking the ground and eating grubs" according to Elizabeth. (They won't be 100% "free range" chickens because they have to stay safe when the Martin's are not home, but still pretty good in my book!)

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Ornery's Wife said...

I take it that means there are no regulations prohibiting chickens in the city limits then? I have been reading Urban Farm magazine and apparently this is all the rage. I would LOVE to have some laying hens and bug control in the garden, but travel would make it difficult. Some day soon, we'll settle down and have a sustainable place. Pretty cool that your neighbors are going to have some chickens, though!