Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's official: I've become a blog-a-holic.

I just counted 80 blogs in my Google Reader account. Wow. 80. That's A LOT. (Thankfully, by using Google Reader, reading blogs is not some HUGE time consuming thing I do. It's just like skimming through my email inbox! I find great joy in introducing friends to Google Reader too, so check it out!)

I love to see/learn from people's everyday lives. There's a reason my header says "Blessed are those who learn to enjoy what is good in their everyday" (quote from For the Family's Sake)

So, let me share just a glimpse of some of the blogs I read. I probably won't add them all here, but I'll highlight them by category:

People I know in real life (IRL)!
Brenda (one of my creative pals)
Kara B. (my college roommate)
Kara P.(met via Jessica)
Jessica (worked together at Kanakuk, summer 2004)
Dawn (met via my MIL)
Sarah (wife of cousin #3)
Danielle (I started as her babysitter, now friend!)
Teddi (my wedding photog from Dallas)
Donna (owner of the puppies staying with us)
Laurie (I've known her since 4th grade!)
Tracy (my parent's neighbor)

People I hope to meet in real life!


People who like to DO and CREATE!


Jason Sooter said...

Good list

Mountain Mama said...

Oh I hope we meet someday too!!

On another note. I noticed you have a friend from Kanakuk. We are Kukkers! Brian worked there 2 summers during his college years. We had Joe White come look at Big Canyon to get his thoughts before we purchased it.

KK is where our dream/vision was birthed.