Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Country Drive

We left Grand Lake at 12:42pm on Thursday.
We arrived to our shop in Broken Arrow around 5:15pm
It's normally about an hour and fifteen minutes of a drive.....

Jason, I love you and your crazy meandering drives!

(we like to think we're really good at timer pictures)

I think this is someone's pet emu
I'm just guessing
I don't really know what an emu is...
...but it sounded impressive to Jason when that's what I told him it was
turns out I'm right (google image search it!)

Claremore Lake- yet another timer photo :)
(Camera hung on a branch, I know surprise, the angle on this one isn't on purpose!)

1 comment:

Teddi said...

Don't you wish i could be following you around like i did at your wedding, HA?? These are some of the best "timer pictures" I've ever seen. Your a great photographer!!