Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am officially "unemployed" again! Woo hoo!!

I think Jason is even more excited than me- he's just pretty darn spoiled and would like it to stay that way! (Notice: Jason want's me to clarify that unemployment for me is a good thing, I'm not looking for a job! haha!)

Let me tell you, though- I have a HUGE "When I'm not working anymore" to-do-list!
  • This week I'll be playing catch up on servicing some of our vending machines
  • Need to get going on a better website for Jason's remodeling business
  • Need to finish the Facebook "fan" page I started for our company. I've still got lots of work to do in collecting photos of Jason's work. We have not been super on the ball about before and after photos for the past 4 years...need to work on that too!

  • Make first draft of our 'family mission statement' written, then go over it with Jason
  • Get (pre) marriage audio books together on a jump drive for a friend
  • Get all my podcasts & music organized in iTunes and new things put on my iPhone to listen to.

  • I'd like to faux finish our kitchen chairs and my dresser...not sure to what yet though!
  • Time for spring cleaning of our clothing closets, Goodwill here I come!
  • Deep clean & organize our home office
  • It's time to reorganize my most used kitchen cupboards, they just always seem to get messy over time.
  • Gotta get to learning how to decorate wedding cakes for a wedding in May!

I'm sure there's more, this is just the written list beside me here!

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Ornery's Wife said...

congrats on your de- or pro- motion. I suppose really it was a lateral move? Anyway, I know how nice it is to be home and mistress of your own time. Hope you are able to stay focused and get a lot done. :)