Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lexi lost her battle today...

My friend Danielle texted me about noon today with some very sad news:
Lexi Alt passed away this morning around 6:30 CST in St. Louis.

So, I ask that you please pray for her family - her mom and dad- and 5 brothers and sisters (one is her identical twin, Lindsey.) as they face the days ahead.

Here's Donna's last blog update on Wednesday the 17th (yesterday)

It has almost been an entire week since Lexi had her transplant. The doctors told us that the recovery afterwards will be a marathon not a sprint. They informed us that we would face bumps along the way. That is exactly what this past week has been like. Lexi has been bleeding internally and we arent really sure why. They think it is coming from the area where they connected her intestine to the liver. Hopefully it will resolve on its own.
She has shown some signs of rejection. The doctors have been able to manage it so far. Her levels are actually really good right now. That is comforting. It gets a bit stressfull considering everything that can go wrong. I am thankful we are doing well so far and that we haven't faced anything too big to handle. Please keep praying. This will be a very hard year for us all but, we are eager to face whatever comes our way, on this side of the mountain.
My oldest sister Debbie and her husband Mark came to visit us. It was a short but sweet visit. She helped us give Lexi a bath and played playdough with her. Lexi was a sweet little girl most of the time...especially after she received her pain medicine. I like to call that her happy medicine. Sometimes I wish they could give it too her a little more often!


Mountain Mama said...

My heart is filled with great sadness.

Rita said...

I do not know what to say. I am so very sorry.

LB said...

This made me tear up. My thoughts and prayers will be with the family of that sweet baby girl!

Carol said...

Oh, oh, oh, ohh. This must be so hard for her parents and siblings. C. S. Lewis said if we could ever see the spiritual being of a person as it actually exists in God's eyes, we would probably fall to our knees in awe and worship of the beauty and grace of the magnificent creature God has authored. I like to think of Lexie as being revealed like that right now. - Mom