Monday, February 15, 2010

101 Reasons, Part II

I started this 2 weeks ago...and didn't finish till this morning!
Hey, it's still "valentine's week" isn't it!? ;)

Happy Valentine's to my dear sweet Jason!
If you don't remember part one, here it is.
Here goes part two in no particular order (forgive me if there are a few repeats from last year, if they come to the top of my head they must be worth repeating!)

1. He gave me my very own DeWalt sander this past year so I can sand the edges on any of my projects at home! (like the heart above.)
2. He also got me my very own DeWalt cordless drill this year too- he's bound and determined that my 'house' tools be better than most guys.
3. He reads ALL the time.
4. He is as practical as practical can get.
5. One of his favorite phrases is, "Did you Google it?"
6. He LOVES Finnigan. I am totally surprised how much he loves a cat!
7. He is in a mega skills development stage (woodworking) right now and I couldn't be more proud of him!
8. He produces such beautiful work (wood, tile, etc.) in people's homes. Again he makes me very proud!
9. He's so level headed
10. He sends me sweet texts often.
11. He encourages me to take photos of everything I do. (and everything hedoes!)
12. He questions everything that "everyone else is doing"
13. He is a good friend to his friends.
14. He's gotten hooked on Google Reader too!
15. He faithfully plays "laser" or "chase" with Finnigan every night.
16. He reaches things that are too high for me ALL the time!
17. He let me get an iPhone this past year before he did!
18. He loves The Count of Monte Cristo as much as me. I don't know how many times we've watched it together!
19.He lets me keep the thermostat around 74 in the winter!
20. He now does 'pop' days (filling our vending machines) with his 15-year-old brother. He purposes to spend those days helping Kevin become a solid young man.
21.He tells me he loves me at the end of almost all our phone calls.
22. He is my best friend ever
23. He gives such solid sound advice in many areas. He is always very conscientious to give advice only when asked. A skill I am acquiring from him.
24. He loves to eat most of my creative dinners- Taco Rolls have become an all time favorite!
25. He can do all sorts of crazy big number math in his head. I loved math in school, but I think he's going to be our kids' math teacher!
26. He cleaned the bathroom at his shop recently on his own initiative. (I hope that becomes a habit!!!)
27. He's just plain ol' smart in my book.
28.He calls to check on me in the middle of the day most days.
29. He prefers to be cared for by a happy-not-overly-busy wife, therefore when I'm done being a nanny at the end of this month, he's told me I'm not ever allowed to work outside our home again. (Yipee!!)
30. He always passes along compliments to me that he hears from others about me.
31.He lets my buy Mrs. Myers dish washing detergent off
32. He plays/entertains children very well- he's going to be a fantastic fun daddy!
33. He listens to the lyrics of songs- and knows what he is actually listening to. I could listen to a song with not so great lyrics and never tell you what the words said, just that I like the overall sound.
34. He got me an easel off Freecycle so I can paint my baby gifts and whatnot on it.
35. He is very conscientious of my hobbies and finding ways to help me with them.
36. He is adventurous to the core.
37. He is a doer, not a watcher.
38. He encourages me to blog. He thinks journaling is a very healthy thing.
39. We're working on our garden together for this upcoming summer already.
40. He's so motivated to build his business. Most people have no idea how hard starting your own company can be, but he never seems to tire of it!
41.He's an awesome speller
41.He watches chick flicks with me sometimes.
43. He is so good with directions and maps. He's thrilled to have Google Maps on his iPhone.
44. He committed to doing '100 days with no sugar' with me, starting the week before Thanksgiving!
45. He told me last week it's been really great for him to not eat sugar and would like to stay this way.
46. He is learning and growing constantly.
47. His thoughts are very well thought out. Sometimes I call him "The Thinker".
48. He encourages me to try lots of things that wouldn't necessarily do on my own.
49. He is my protector- I feel safe with him.
50. He discovered and got me signed up for it too!
51. He works hard to be of help to his family and close friends whenever possible!
52. He's a fantastic listener.
53. Sometimes he will come home early from work when it's nice out and take me on a long walk.
54. He loves going to the ocean and the mountains about equally.
55. He likes me to come watch him play racquetball. (He usually plays at least once a week.)
56. He drinks over a gallon of water most every day! He and his water bottle are attached at the hip!
57. He cried when Ellie died in Up. "Because you're my Ellie, Andrea"
58. He likes to go on picnics with me.
59. He gave me "Two hours of handyman services from SCI (our remodeling business)" in my stocking this past Christmas- you know, so he could finish some of MY projects!
60. He pays for several of my magazine subscriptions because he knows how much I love to read them! (Martha Stewart Living, etc!!)
61. In fact, he generally doesn't mind when I spend money buying books off or He's a big reading supporter!
62. Tacos are one of his food groups.
63. He now insists that I put pumpkin or squash in my pancake batter- I snuck it in at first until he discovered how much he loves pancakes that way!
64. He loves day hiking at the local state parks.
65. He doesn't mind me spending several hours at my parent's pool with my mom most afternoons in the summer!!
66.Our friends always give us a hard time about the "cheese & honey" budget at our house- Jason goes through a lot! I can't imagine having several sons like him someday!
67. He takes good care of our yard.
68. He loves to be in God's beautiful creation!
69. He purposes to be an early riser.
70. He's a pro at helping people move!
71. He keeps my computer running smooth- believe it or not, my computer is an ancient 7 years old and it still runs great!
72. He's learning to be a list maker like me. :)
73. He gladly eats oatmeal if I'm in a hurry some mornings.
74. He loves to try new things!
75. He is a complex thinker, but likes living simply.
76. He takes good care of my little car, "Eva"
77. He always hangs up his bath towels!
78. He likes to take me to Cosmos and share a plate of Italian Nachos with me!
79. He prefers to eat at home the most- he almost doesn't like restaurant food anymore and would rather have our normal healthy fare in Andrea's Kitchen.
80. He brags about my cooking all the time in front of me.
81. He should never have allergies ever- he eats at least a cup of local honey each week!
82. He loves my long long hair!
83. He always puts his clothes in the hamper!
84. He rarely gets sick. He credits it to all the water he drinks each day.
85. He loves camping
86. He likes to watch funny shows & movies that are clean.
87. He sets the standards in our home.
88. He loves to pick me up to hug me.
89. He keeps me warm all night long! (I'm always freezing,even in the summer sometimes!)
90.He always opts to wear regular athletic shorts for biking- none of that spandex stuff he says!
91. He always brings back his "tupperwares" with the lids from his lunch (part of not being wasteful, we'd go through a TON of Ziploc bags if thats what we used!)
92. He talks to me a lot ~ every woman's dream in a husband!!
93. He asks for my two cents and considers it on most decisions.
94. He finished my pantry recently!! It makes me SO proud to show it off to anyone who comes to our house!
95. He takes care of his tools.
96. He got me hooked on Smartwool socks this winter- my toes have stayed toasty!!
97. He doesn't care what he looks like- even if we are headed to a wedding and his hands are stained with glue. Oh well he says, it's just me!
98.He always asks for more butter on his popcorn, every time!
99. He loves to take me on 'little' dates- just to get coffee, go on a walk, or meet and eat our packed lunches.
100. He spells love t-i-m-e!
101. He's mine, all mine!

Happy Valentine's Day , Jason!!


Danielle said...

Very sweet, Andrea. What a wonderful husband you have~

Happy Valentine's to both of you!

Stephanie said...

I came across your blog through MckMama's community, so hi! :) This is such a sweet list!