Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pancake Fest

We don't drink milk.

I only buy milk to make pancakes!, if I buy a whole gallon of milk, I'd better use it all up at once to make pancakes- about a 120 pancakes!! I've had 2 pancake sessions in the last month- once to deliver to our friend's Matthew & Jessica for Christmas and the second to re-stock our own freezer.

I've done enough bragging on other people lately so it's time to brag on sweet me~ I make really tasty homemade pancakes. And since I'm sure you'd like the recipe, here it is!

"Joe's Pancakes"

I make 4 batches of these to use up the whole gallon of milk...and as you can see, I like to cook like I'm on TV by pre-measuring out all my ingredients!

5 C. Flour

3 Tbsp. Baking Powder

2 tsp. Salt

4 Tbsp. Honey

4 Tbsp. Vanilla

4 Tbsp. Oil

4 Eggs

4 C. Milk

A few more admissions- I really like vanilla- so this is like triple what the recipe originally calls for!

I actually don't measure my honey- I find it hard to get out of the bottom of the "wet" ingredients bowl, so I just pour some in right before I mix it all together. In our house, the more honey the merrier. In fact my cousins got us hooked on just putting honey on our pancakes instead of syrup!

Also, we've discovered lately that adding in a pre-cooked butternut squash (we have about 12 that were given to us this winter!) that makes them even better!

I pre measure all the wet ingredients together and all the dry ingredients- this takes 8 bowls to do so, but it means I can just mix more batter and keep on cooking!

I also have several electric skillets so I can cook more than 4 pancakes at a time.

Yes, this makes a big mess and dirties lots of dishes, but it's all done in about 2 hours and then we have tons of pancakes to feast on for the next 3 weeks!

Ok, last note- while we were in TX, my Aunt told me they've been using my pancake recipe to make waffles ~ we recently got a waffle maker and tried that too! Mmmmm...


Jessica said...

Hi - I recently subscribed to your blog as I was browsing. I love the sound of this recipe! I am going to try it this morning and see how the hubby likes it. Thanks for sharing.


~ Jesi

Anonymous said...

You can freeze milk if a gallon will go bad before you use it up. It just takes a while to thaw - days - & you need to shake it really well to mix in all the ice crystals. It will have a funny color while it's frozen too but it's fine. I do this all the time.

Some people don't like the taste after it's frozen but my family has never been able to tell the difference. I think there is a difference if it's not completely thawed & mixed well. If you're just cooking with it I'm sure there will be no difference.

Also, if your milk spoils, use it to make bread. It's the same as using buttermilk. I do this too. My mom taught me this!