Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lexi got a Liver!!

UPDATE: The Dr. did a final exam of the liver in the OR and decided the ducts on that particular liver were not going to match Lexi- too high of a risk for complications with that they are back to waiting. :(

Please be praying for Lexi!! She is in surgery right now receiving a new liver!!

Here's Donna's post this morning:
JAN 22, 2010

Lexi got a liver!

When I was woken this morning by the Doctor I had expected him to say that everything was ready for us to go home by 8:00am. Instead the only words he spoke were "Lexi has a liver." I was in such a state of shock from what I heard. At first I didn't believe him. I thought maybe he was just kidding me because after two weeks of being in the hospital, he knew how much we were looking forward to going home. Then I realized that he wasn't kidding and then he just smiled. That is when the tears started to fall. So many emotions have been going through me all day today. I am so excited to finally be moving ahead with the transplant. I am glad that I wont have to watch Lexi's quality of life decrease any further. I am nervous that maybe it might not work out and we will be making that trip home after all. I am scared that my beautiful little girl might not make it tomorrow. So many emotions...I have felt a little numb from the shock of it all. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be going through this.
They scheduled Lexi's surgery for 11:00am. I'm not sure why it is so late when they thought it would happen in the middle of the night. There are so many details that I am not aware of. We know that it is coming from a teenager. When I heard that, I began to cry. I know that another family out there is grieving the loss of their baby. My heart aches for them and I am so sorry for their loss. On the other hand I am so thankful that Lexi is receiving a liver and will have a chance at living a full life. It is such a bitter sweet situation.
Well, tomorrow I will be sending my 'Darling Princess' into a very critical surgery and I am praying to God that he will allow her to come back to me. I love her so much. She has to be the sweetest little girl. Please pray for her.
The surgery will last about 6 to 8 hours. I will post as often as I can along the way.

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Mountain Mama said...

Oh, big bummer. We will continue to pray for Lexi and the perfect liver at the perfect time!