Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jason's Wish

Some of my extended-extended family came to Texas for Christmas this year.
Doug & Andrea have 4 sons...I just had to photograph their licence plate!

The frame reads
Final Score: Boys 4-Girls 0
Game Over
Needless to say- a family full of boys is Jason's dream


LB said...

That's funny because that's more MY dream in our family. My friend Sarah (little redheaded bridesmaid) and I used to sit in our dorm rooms and say, "When we grow and get married, we want four kids: boy, boy, girl, boy." Funny, because that's MckMama's lineup, though she is having ANOTHER one, too!

Mountain Mama said...

that is hilarious! I have a girlfriend with 4 boys and no girls. She would love this.

Danielle said...

Oh but girls are a daddy's heart and soul. If he only knew how a baby girl would melt him forever... Don't get me wrong, boys are awesome but there is just something about a daddy and his daughter. Well, you know exactly what I'm talking about, Andrea!

I noticed your extended-extended family is from Arizona...woo-hoo!!! Are they the ones here in Phoenix?

Ornery's Wife said...

You would be an awesome mom of boys, too. They are (by and large) much easier to raise, as well--from my limited view of one each. :) You go, Jason! :)