Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dad's Birthday Outing

Vanessa & I bought tickets a couple weeks ago to take dad to an Oilers hockey game- this was the first time all 3 of us had been to the new(ish) BOK Center. We picked a good game to attend, the Oilers won 7-3.


...turned art.

Did you know an apple slicer/corer works just as well on a pear.
One of my favorite kitchen tricks.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Hard Life of My Cat

(Finnigan on Great-Granddaddy's chair)

Friday, January 29, 2010

"S" Yard Art

Compliments of my husband and his friend Robert (RC)...

I think it will look really cool with some sort of flowering vine growing around the base of it this summer.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

David & Camille

My cousin, Kennah, has done several other 'couples' shoots in the past year or two, but this is probably the one that got the ball rolling again for her recently- My oldest cousin, David, got engaged just days before Christmas. I'm thrilled to have some more 'girl' cousins coming into the family (Vanessa and I were the only girl cousins on both sides of our family growing up!)

Progress as promised...
David & Camille- Congratulations!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Our Traditional Home (dot) blogspot (dot) com,

I don't know where I've been lately. January has just about flown by and I've barely made mention to you. Hopefully though you view me as a close enough friend that we can just pick right up where left off. :)

It's supposed to come a winter storm tonight. I hope it doesn't. Freezing rain, then sleet, then like 12 inches of snow. At least that's what Travis Myers says and he should know. In preparation I'm finishing up the last of the laundry right now, writing to you, maybe even planning some scheduled blog posts, vacuuming, washing my hair and running the dishwasher. This part of town lost power for like 12 days last time there was an ice storm. I'd like to be somewhat prepared if that were to happen tomorrow.

Finnigan is making a mess of the office right now, but oh well. Papers can be cleaned up without electricity.

Jason bought a CNC Router today. I guess I'll know more about that later. He's gone this evening discovering its intricacies .

I also found out today that my cousin, Kennah, got a Canon EOS 50D. Yep that's the camera I'd like. But apparently we'd like a CNC Router first. And a pocket hole machine. And a new table saw. Yes, ALL of those came to make home in Jason's shop in the last 5 days.

What's that verse again..."But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it." ( 1 Tim 6:6,7)

Hmmm. Contentment.

I hope the weather doesn't affect our Saturday night plans. For the big 5-0 Vanessa and I are taking dad to an Oilers Hockey game! He has the best two daughters a guy could ask for!

I'm starting to think about our garden for this summer. Jason wants me to research 'lasagna gardening' - any of my readers know anything about it? Supposedly you don't have to till and pull weeds. Guess I'll find out! I'm planning on some basics for now- tomatoes, green beans, squash, bell peppers, cucumbers, mint, cilantro, maybe some onion and jalapeƱo too, so we can have salsa! I hope to can tomatoes and green beans at the minimum.

Ok, I'd better get going on my list of things that require electricity tonight! I hope to come around like I use week should be much slower paced that this one!

And now until we meet again- adios, au revior, auf weidersehen.....Good Night!

Andrea Cherie

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michael & Megan

I introduced my cousin, Kennah to in December- she's gone to town taking couples/engagement photos- two of my cousins (her brother-in-laws) have recently gotten engaged:

Here's Michael & Megan!
(I'll post David & Camille this week too!)

P.S. Kennah says she got a new camera- I have a feeling I'm going to be jealous when she tells me it's a digital SLR...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lexi got a Liver!!

UPDATE: The Dr. did a final exam of the liver in the OR and decided the ducts on that particular liver were not going to match Lexi- too high of a risk for complications with that they are back to waiting. :(

Please be praying for Lexi!! She is in surgery right now receiving a new liver!!

Here's Donna's post this morning:
JAN 22, 2010

Lexi got a liver!

When I was woken this morning by the Doctor I had expected him to say that everything was ready for us to go home by 8:00am. Instead the only words he spoke were "Lexi has a liver." I was in such a state of shock from what I heard. At first I didn't believe him. I thought maybe he was just kidding me because after two weeks of being in the hospital, he knew how much we were looking forward to going home. Then I realized that he wasn't kidding and then he just smiled. That is when the tears started to fall. So many emotions have been going through me all day today. I am so excited to finally be moving ahead with the transplant. I am glad that I wont have to watch Lexi's quality of life decrease any further. I am nervous that maybe it might not work out and we will be making that trip home after all. I am scared that my beautiful little girl might not make it tomorrow. So many emotions...I have felt a little numb from the shock of it all. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be going through this.
They scheduled Lexi's surgery for 11:00am. I'm not sure why it is so late when they thought it would happen in the middle of the night. There are so many details that I am not aware of. We know that it is coming from a teenager. When I heard that, I began to cry. I know that another family out there is grieving the loss of their baby. My heart aches for them and I am so sorry for their loss. On the other hand I am so thankful that Lexi is receiving a liver and will have a chance at living a full life. It is such a bitter sweet situation.
Well, tomorrow I will be sending my 'Darling Princess' into a very critical surgery and I am praying to God that he will allow her to come back to me. I love her so much. She has to be the sweetest little girl. Please pray for her.
The surgery will last about 6 to 8 hours. I will post as often as I can along the way.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Lexi Blog

Donna, mama of Lexi- the little girl who needs a liver transplant- has started a blog to update any who are curious as to how she is doing.

Lexi is currently first in line in St. Louis to receive a liver.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jason's Wish

Some of my extended-extended family came to Texas for Christmas this year.
Doug & Andrea have 4 sons...I just had to photograph their licence plate!

The frame reads
Final Score: Boys 4-Girls 0
Game Over
Needless to say- a family full of boys is Jason's dream

Monday, January 11, 2010

Homemade Vanilla

**Jason asked that I clarify my last post: we are not opposed to drinking milk, we just usually don't on a regular basis.

I recently saw a recipe in this magazine for homemade vanilla extract. If you've ever baked with me, you know that I double the vanilla in every recipe! I love vanilla!

Buy a bottle of organic vodka- the recipe said Rain & TRU are good organic brands.
They guy at the liquor store had no idea what I was looking for until I told him which brands would work.

You'll need 5-6 vanilla beans.
One vanilla bean at Whole Foods was $6!
We got 25 for $14 on

Next, slice them open and scrape out the seeds- put the seeds in the jar you will be making your extract in. I had no idea what vanilla seeds looked like!

Then, cut the pods into 1" pieces and add them to the jar. (I used a Mason jar)

Add the vodka.
Cover the jar with plastic wrap and then add the Mason lid & ring.
(The plastic keeps them from rusting to the jar.)
Store in a cool dark place and shake once a week for 8 weeks.

At the end of 8 weeks the vanilla extract should be ready to use! From that point it will last indefinitely- just keep topping the jar off with more vodka and add a fresh vanilla seed every couple months to keep the flavor strong.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pancake Fest

We don't drink milk.

I only buy milk to make pancakes!, if I buy a whole gallon of milk, I'd better use it all up at once to make pancakes- about a 120 pancakes!! I've had 2 pancake sessions in the last month- once to deliver to our friend's Matthew & Jessica for Christmas and the second to re-stock our own freezer.

I've done enough bragging on other people lately so it's time to brag on sweet me~ I make really tasty homemade pancakes. And since I'm sure you'd like the recipe, here it is!

"Joe's Pancakes"

I make 4 batches of these to use up the whole gallon of milk...and as you can see, I like to cook like I'm on TV by pre-measuring out all my ingredients!

5 C. Flour

3 Tbsp. Baking Powder

2 tsp. Salt

4 Tbsp. Honey

4 Tbsp. Vanilla

4 Tbsp. Oil

4 Eggs

4 C. Milk

A few more admissions- I really like vanilla- so this is like triple what the recipe originally calls for!

I actually don't measure my honey- I find it hard to get out of the bottom of the "wet" ingredients bowl, so I just pour some in right before I mix it all together. In our house, the more honey the merrier. In fact my cousins got us hooked on just putting honey on our pancakes instead of syrup!

Also, we've discovered lately that adding in a pre-cooked butternut squash (we have about 12 that were given to us this winter!) that makes them even better!

I pre measure all the wet ingredients together and all the dry ingredients- this takes 8 bowls to do so, but it means I can just mix more batter and keep on cooking!

I also have several electric skillets so I can cook more than 4 pancakes at a time.

Yes, this makes a big mess and dirties lots of dishes, but it's all done in about 2 hours and then we have tons of pancakes to feast on for the next 3 weeks!

Ok, last note- while we were in TX, my Aunt told me they've been using my pancake recipe to make waffles ~ we recently got a waffle maker and tried that too! Mmmmm...

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today is someone's BIG birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday, Pops!

*I know, my parent's are ridiculously dorky and cute!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A little bragging on my Husband!

A 3 year old project finally makes it's household debut!

My dear husband has had the itch to start making furniture and I gently reminded him that he needs to finish my pantry first- and it happened this week!!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Alive

So...I didn't meant to fall of the face of the blogging planet, it's just happened.

I'll be back soon. Promise.

A little taste of Christmas in Texas- 4 of my boy cousins are married or getting married- here's 3 of their wives/and a fiance:
Kennah, Camille, Sarah & me