Sunday, December 20, 2009

Elf Ourself!

We are full of last minute surprise decorating efforts this Christmas season.

We knew we were going to a Christmas party at our friend Thomas' on Saturday night and I had our 'formal' attire all picked out.

Well Friday morning Jason says he's decided he thinks we should dress in costume for the party. He says we should be elves and I told him, "Perfect, you can be Buddy the elf from the movie Elf! He's a huge elf and you're really tall!" So I google Buddy the Elf and we work off this photo:

I called 3 costume shops in Tulsa and no one has a Buddy costume, so we get to work figuring each piece out, after all, if we are going to do this we are going to be spectacular!

Jason goes to Salvation Army and sends me this photo of a coat he's found.

Next he goes to Academy Sports and buys some white long johns.

That evening after I get done babysitting, we head to Hobby Lobby. There we buy green spray paint, fake fur, yellow dye and lots of stiff felt. We came home and began elfing ourselves! I started right away on the shoes. They took an hour each (4 hours). Meanwhile, Jason spray painted his coat out in the front yard with his truck headlights giving him light. Then he sewed his belt and buckle together and dyed his long johns bright yellow.

About midnight we call it quits and head to bed. Saturday after several necessary errands I ran back to Hobby Lobby to get more hot glue sticks and stiff felt. I continued working away on his last shoe, our hats and the fur trim of his coat.

At 3pm I was done costuming (about 7 1/2 hours in total) and I began baking about 100 pancakes. I'd called our good friends Matthew and Jessica earlier and told them they had to be home at a certain time for a 'Christmas surprise'- we put on our costumes and took them all the pancakes for their freezer. They were so excited to see what our surprise was they opened their front door with camera in hand and snapped a photo of us! Needless to say, they loved our costumes, especially Jason since this was so out of character of him!

Then we stopped by our neighbors house to show off our efforts before heading to the Christmas party. I wish I'd had a video camera of our entry because Thomas laughed hard for a good long while. His reaction was worth every single hour and dollar we spent making this happen!


~Bren~ said...

VERY cute!! I saw a t-shirt the other day that reminded me of you. It said, "I'm not short....I'm elf sized"

Jessica Tankersley said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! And you guys look so cute!

Mountain Mama said...

Way too cute! and so very creative. I am sure you were the talk of the party!

Thomas said...

That Costume is Award Winning!