Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookie Day 2009

A couple Saturdays ago was our 2nd annual "cookie day" at Jason's Grandma's house.

His Grandma Yvonne got us all matching aprons this year.

Yvonne's mother-in-law, Ellen, joined us this year. She helped frost all the sugar cookies and sprinkle the spritz.

His Aunt Karla made 20 dozen sugar cookies ahead of time for us to frost.

Grandma Yvonne just adopted a new stray kitty- Mikey. He was downright adorable and very loving. I told her if he came up missing, don't come looking at my house....Finnigan needs a buddy!

Rosettes are my favorite of the Norwegian cookies.

Karla's Peanut Butter Ritz cookies are my favorite too!

One more picnik photo for the fun of it!


Ornery's Wife said...

love the matching aprons! What a fun tradition, and it looks like you girls were mighty productive.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh yum! I will take a plate of each. :)