Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update on Lexi

Several people have asked me over the past couple days "what's going on with that little girl on your blog?"...not too much right at this time, but it's still a roller coaster for her family- these are the last few updates I've seen on Donna's Facebook.

Donna Turns out Lexis has fibrosis and a clot in her portal vein. They think a transplant now would be more of a risk than just managing her condition with meds. she may still need a transplant down the road and will be at risk for another dangerous bleed. Kind of frustraiting knowing it will all still be hanging over my head....

October 20 at 8:37pm ·

Donna We are all finally home...It feels soooo good to sleep in my own bed and to get out of the hospital...Such a sad place. Although I'm not happy about Lexi's situation...the hospital is a constant reminder that it could be worse....Lexi had the sweetest little roomate who had a very aggressive cancer. She was the same age as Lexi and was also a twin.

October 24 at 8:19pm ·

Donna Wow...what a roller coaster ride! We just got a call from the doctor in St Louis this afternoon and they said Lexis does have cirrhosis and are going to put her on the transplant list. They will be calling us back for futher instruction. Right now our entire family is sick with some sort of stomache bug...I'm disgusted!!!

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